Pet Events in New York City

Are you a resident of ‘The Big Apple’? Calling all PetParents living in New York City!  If you’re seeking to find new and fun ways of spending the day with your pet out on the town, then this is for you. We’ve scoured around and found some of the best pet events in NYC for the two of you to attend and check out together! You could  make it a family outing, invite a dog loving friend, or another PetParent along with you and your pup for a guaranteed good time!

 1. Central Park Paws

Central Park Paws is a part of the Central Park Conservancy created to celebrate the vibrant dog community that is a part of Central Park. The group works to promote responsible use of the park by PetParents, and non-pet owners a like. There are several regular events that are put on by this group: Bagel Barks, Bark before Dark, Hound Hikes, and even the ‘My Dog Loves Central Park’ fair. A full list of exciting upcoming events can be found here.

2. Fido in the Park 

Mark your calendars for the first Saturday of each month and then you and your dog should head out to Prospect Park for the FIDO in the Park event. You’ll find coffee, pastries, dog treats and dog-centric information all for FREE. This monthly, Coffee Bark event works to promote a good reputation for the off-leash city parks. Although it’s only a 2 hour event, hundreds of dogs and their people turn out to each event and stop to chat about dogs in the city. This event is from 7am-9am and is held regardless of weather. It’s sure to be a good time because there’s no denying that your pup is your best coffee date!

3. Dog Training 101 Meet Up

If you’re enthusiastic about training your dog, and have set out some goals to accomplish this year- joining this group will be the first step to your success. They bring responsible pet owners together and discuss positive training, all while socialized the dogs. Your dog will have to be current on vaccines and well socialized with other dogs and people in order to attend. We’re loving the idea behind this because it’s a win-win for both the pups and the PetParents! This is a fun community that wants to educate each other and share dog training tips and stories.

4. Find a breed-specific group to join!

If ever there were a city for so many breed-centric groups to exist, New York City would be it! When we quickly browsed the results lists, we weren’t surprised to find hundreds of groups dedicated to loving one breed in particular. If you happen to be a fanatic of your own dogs breed, this is the ideal way to find people who feel the exact same way!

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