Pet Events in Los Angeles

PetParents in Los Angeles are lucky compared to most of the country. Pets are welcome in many places in LA, making spending time with your pets a breeze. Still, it’s great to have a regular event that both you and your pup can look forward to. A place to meet up with like-minded people and make a new friend or two. We’ve rounded up a few of the best pet events in Los Angeles to help guide you on your way!

1. Griffith Park Pack Hike

This monthly event allows PetParents and their outdoor loving pooches meet up and spend a day hiking together, enjoying the great outdoors. The Pack Hike starts at 8am on both the 2nd and 4th Saturday’s of each month. The hike is an intermediate hike with only the first 3/4 mile being uphill- a map of the hike can be seen by clicking through above. If you’re a pet lover who doesn’t currently live with a dog you can contact to request to hike with a foster dog! Hiking begins at 8am sharp, and arrival 10 minutes early is highly encouraged.

2. Mutt Mingle Meetup

The Mutt Mingles are held on the LAST Tuesday of each month from 6-8pm, giving PetParents and their pups something to look forward to each month. This is an in-store mixer event that includes drinks, treats, and plenty of fun! The indoor facilities are a great way for your pup to learn the best ways of interacting with new people and pups, as well as to perfect their manners around so many fun and exciting distractions. You’ll both leaving happy, having met a whole group of new friends.

3. Bark Bar Doggies Group

This friendly group of pet lovers united over their love of going out on the weekends, and their dogs. Members of the Bark Bar Doggies group are people who want to attend dog-friendly parties, parades, and more. Many members of this club also choose to donate their time to local shelters or rescues. If these descriptions sound like you, be sure to look them up! The upcoming events are updated on their page, and you’re welcome to attend as many or few as your schedule allows. Bringing a friend, family member, or co-worker is always encouraged as long as they love dogs too!

 4. Feet and Paws Fitness

Feet & Paws Fitness is a great place for LA Pet Parents and their pups to head to work out together. They offer various activities: group classes, and training programs. You’ll get active with your dog while using obedience skills as well! You’ll have a blast being active with your beset friend- using mind/body, cardio, agility, conditioning, and more. Class pricing varies, be sure to check the website for details. This group participates in annual events like the LA River Fun Run and Races for Rescues!


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