Pet Events in San Francisco

If you’re a PetParent living in San Francisco, you’re probably interested in finding different ways to enjoy the city with your pets as well! Here at PetParent, we’ve rounded up some of the best re-occurring pet events in San Francisco, things that happen on either a weekly or monthly basis that PetParents and their dogs can look forward to attending together. 

1. K9 Scrub Club Yappy Hour

The K9 Scrub Club Yappy Hours are an event for both you and your dog to look forward to. Both people and dogs are social animals, so this event takes advantage of that! The K9 Yappy Hour includes free refreshments and themed treats for the humans, and treats and playtime for pets. It’s a great time for all, pups can let off a little steam, make some new friends, and come home happy and tired. Sign up on their homepage to receive reminders of the next Yappy Hour so you don’t miss out!

2. Take a Bay Cruise

If your pup is the type who loves to feel the wind in his hair, then this could truly be a once in a lifetime experience for the two of you! The Blue & Gold Fleet company offers 60 minute Bay Cruises that are dog-friendly for well-behaved, leashed dogs. This certainly isn’t an experience that all pets would enjoy, but as a PetParent you’ll have a good idea if this would be your pups cup of tea or not. We have a feeling that most dogs would either love or hate the boat cruise. This Bay Cruise takes you past the PIER 39 sea lions, and down along the historic San Francisco Waterfront giving you a unique perspective on the city skyline. Pricing and ticket availability change seasonally and can be found on their website.

3. K9 Scrub Club Puppy Social 

If you’re a PetParent to a new puppy, chances are you might feel overwhelmed at times. There are so many things you must teach your new puppy, socialization being one of the most important. Playing with other puppies, and subsequently meeting their owners is a great way for your new puppy to expand his/her new world and learn all about new things. The K9 Scrub Club holds Puppy Socials at their two locations. Puppies must be under 6 months old to participate, and they can come play in a clean and safe space. Even better, these puppy socials are free! PetParents will learn safety tips, how to puppy proof your home, all about puppy nutrition, and bringing new toys into the home.


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