Emergency Pet Care in San Jose

If you’re a PetParent living in San Jose, tune in! This article features some great emergency pet care in San Jose that should be on your radar. Being prepared and having a bit of a plan in case of an emergency with one of your beloved pets can make a huge difference in their treatment and care. Here are some options for the best emergency pet care in San Jose, take a moment to find the clinic nearest you!

1. United Emergency Animal Clinic 

Address: 5440 Thornwood Drive, San Jose, CA  Phone: 408-578-5622

The United Emergency Animal Clinic exists to help care for your pet when their regular attending veterinarian isn’t available. That means weeknights, weekends, and holidays. They have two locations, but the location on Thornwood Drive is the 24 hour location that you’ll need to plan to head to if you’ve encountered an emergency situation. They offer PetParents the unique option of pre-registering their pets. This saves crucial minutes in case of an emergency and is a revolutionary idea. The United Emergency Animal Clinic has been around since 1975. Their staff are extensively trained to provide both emergency and critical care.

2. Silicon Valley Veterinary Specialists

Address: 7160 Santa Teresa Blvd, San Jose, CA 95139 Phone: 408-649-7070

The Silicon Valley Veterinary Specialists, or SVVS, are open 24 hours to serve the emergency and specialty hospital needs of the San Jose community. The veterinarians at SVVS are dedicated to working closely with your pets regular veterinarian to ensure the care they receive is highly tailored to their needs and takes their past care into consideration. SVVS has board certified veterinarians who are prepared to provide excellent care in every aspect, no matter what your pets diagnosis is. Their state of the art equipment will ensure a quick diagnosis of your pet so that treatment can be started as soon as possible and your pet can begin healing.

 3. Campbell Emergency Pet Care & Veterinary Specialists

Address: 907 Dell Ave. Campbell, CA 95008  Phone: 408-343-7243

24 hour emergency services and care are available at the Campbell Emergency Pet Care & Veterinary Specialists clinics. If your pet is diagnosed with an illness that requires the consult of a specialist, their veterinary specialists are available during regular business hours to help suggest and craft a best course of treatment for your pet. The Campbell Clinic is one of four SAGE clinics in the San Francisco Bay Area who all have the same mission of setting the standards for compassionate and collaborative veterinary care.

  • Emergency Care
  • Critical care
  • Surgery
  • Internal Medicine
  • Cardiology
  • Oncology
  • Neurology
  • Physical Rehab.

 4. West Valley Pet Clinic

Address: 1360 South De Anza Blvd. San Jose, CA 95129  Phone: 408-996-1155

The West Valley Pet Clinics accepts pet emergencies during business hours only. Outside of their operating hours, they refer patients to one of the clinics we’ve listed above. During business hours though, the clinic is equipped to provide emergency, surgical, and critical care services for your pets. This clinic was built in the 70’s before Apple Computing Campus existed, and before Silicon Valley. In existence for more than 35 years, the West Valley Pet Clinic has created a reputation founded on excellence in veterinary care.

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