Emergency Pet Care in NYC

Have you ever considered your vet care options if your pet was in need of emergency medical care? Are you a PetParent who not only knows the nearest E-Vet, but have the route from home memorized? Perhaps you’re a PetParent who would need some assistance in a time of crisis to locate the best care provider for your pet. Of course we hope that your pet never needs emergency care just as much as you do, but if you’re ever in a pet emergency, we’ve got you covered! Check out PetParent’s list of the best emergency pet care providers that NYC has to offer! 

1. Animal Medical Center

Address: 510 E 62nd St New York, NY 10065

When it comes to an emergency vet, reputation speaks volumes. Since most PetParents don’t have the luxury of time to do a lot of research in an emergency situation, choosing a clinic with a great reputation is what we have to rely on. The Animal Medical Center no only has a wonderful reputation, but they’ve been around for 100 years. The AMC’s state of the art facility is prepared to provide expert care in your pets time of need. Emergencies like: trauma, collapse, bleeding, poisoning, severe illnesses, and more can all be treated here. The clinic is open 24/7, 365 days a year.

2. Blue Pearl Vet

The Blue Pearl Vet offices specialize in emergency and specialty medicine for pets. They do not offer traditional vet services such as vaccines or wellness exams, instead focusing their efforts on emergency care. Blue Pearl Vet has three locations in NYC (Brooklyn, Manhattan, & Queens) so they are widely available to Pet Parents all across the big apple. All three locations are open 24/7 for emergency care needs. Blue Pearl Vet works as a comprehensive team to provide remarkable pet care. Their motto says it all:

BE KIND: We are patient, compassionate and understanding.
BE TRUE: We do and say the right thing in the right way.
BE BOLD: We inspire and embrace change.
BE ESSENTIAL: We build lasting bonds.

3. 5th Avenue Veterinary Specialists

Address: One West 15th St New York, NY 10011

The 5th Avenue Veterinary Specialists pride themselves on their high level of communication with your pets regular veterinarian. They have a referral program for specialty needs, and accept emergency cases 24 hours a day. This clinic can offer critical care and monitoring services while your pet is getting over an illness or accident. They have equipment that allows them to provide oxygen therapy, cardiac monitoring, blood transfusions, surgery, and even nutritional support. With advanced diagnostic equipment at their disposal, your pet will be in the best of hands!
 Address: 9518 Avenue L, Brooklyn, NY 11236
Animal Medicine & Surgery is available to help in the case of a pet heath emergency 24 hours a day. They simply ask that you call first (718-444-5151) even if you’re already en-route so that they can begin prepping to save your pets life. What sets AMS apart from the rest are a few key points: they also care for exotic pets, they offer homeopathic options, and they’ve even set up a low-cost spay/neuter program! Their promise is to ‘Treat your loving friends with kindness and love as if they were our own”. We think it’s especially sweet that this clinic houses a few adoptable dogs and helps to promote them and connect them with a forever home.

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