Emergency Pet Care in Boston

If your pet was to ever have a health emergency, taking them to the right emergency vet clinic can make all the difference in not only the over all outcome, but your takeaway from the experience. Depending on the illness or injury, there’s a chance your pet will be hospitalized for awhile, so taking them to a clinic that you’re happy to visit regularly is a major bonus. Not all emergency vet clinics are created equal, so here are a few of the best clinics for emergency pet care in Boston!

1. Angell Animal Medical Center

Address: 350 S Huntington Ave Boston, MA 02130  Phone: (617) 522-7282

The Angell Animal Medical Center is an emergency care clinic that prefers for PetParents to call while they are en route with an emergency case so their veterinary team can begin prepping for your pets arrival. They have an ample parking lot on the side of the building that can be accessed around the back after entering the driveway. There is an emergency entrance at the rear of the facility to accommodate a quick entry and check in. Aside from providing Emergency care services, the MSPCA Angell is an active humane society, working to protect animals and advance their health and welfare. Founded in 1868 they are the second oldest humane society in the United States. The MSPCA Angell has adoption centers, their medical center, animal control, animal advocacy, and Nevins Farm all under their watchful care. You know your pets will be in the best of hands during a life- threatening emergency situation if you’ve go the Angell Animal Medical Center team on your side.

2. Blue Pearl Vet MA

Address: 180 Bear Hill Road, Waltham, MA 02451  Phone: 781-684-8389

The Blue Pearl Vet office was formerly known as Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Care of New England. They’re a 24 hour clinic located in Waltham. The Blue Pearl staff is dedicated toward providing pets with remarkable specialty and emergency care. You can rest assured that your pet will be treated with the utmost respect and compassion during their illness or injury and that the Blue Pearl Staff will do everything in their power to keep your pet happy and comfortable. The staff at this clinic specialize in emergency and specialty care- they have use of innovative procedures and high tech equipment with access to the latest medicine and therapies to put to use in treating your pets condition.

3. InTown Veterinary Group

Bulger Clinic Address: 247 Chickering Rd North Andover, MA 01845  Phone: 978-725-5544

With 5 separate locations, all able to accept and treat critical and emergency cases, it’s clear that InTown Veterinary Group (IVG) is prepared to assist Boston area PetParents in a time of need. Each IVG location has an emergency and critical care team that is on site 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year. None of the ICU patients are ever left unattended, and they’re being looked over by the most watchful, caring people. The team is always available, and the clinic is open on holidays and weekends. PetParents with a recovering pet are always welcome to come in.

4. TUFTS Veterinary Emergency Treatment & Specialties

Address: 525 South Street Walpole, MA   Phone: 508-668-5454

The Tufts Vet clinic offers emergency and critical care services 24/7. Their staff is composed of board certified veterinary specialists who are the best equipped to care for your pet. Surgery can be performed at any hour of the day for pets who need immediate action. This clinic is not exclusively for emergency care though, so they have plenty of special diagnostic equipment on hand should your pet need further testing to identify the cause of their illness or discomfort. The Tufts Vet Clinic cares for companion and large animals. The Tufts Vet Clinic is associated with the Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.

5. VCA Boston

Address: 1235 Boston Road, Springfield MA 01119  Phone: 413-783-0603

Because emergencies can’t be planned, there are no appointments needed for your pet to be seen and treated for an emergency situation at the VCA Boston clinic. They do ask that you call the hospital in advance of your arrival with your pet- this allows them to prepare space, a room, and possibly for surgery so that they can act quickly on your pet to avoid further damage or trauma. This clinic is open 24/7 and 365 days a year to provide PetParents in Boston with a peace of mind. Their staff is composed of board certified specialists and their clinic is outfitted with the latest medical equipment. VCA Boston staff members are always available for you- give them a call if you need them!

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