Dog Trainers in San Diego

Is your furry friend just a little to frisky?  Check out our article on the best dog trainers in San Diego!


At SMRTDOG they use the latest positive reinforcement techniques to help you and your dog live a better life together based on mutual trust and understanding.  They offer classes covering topics like puppy basics, basic manners, tricks, agility, crate training, and more.  Private consultations are also available by appointment. Check out their website for additional information on events and lectures held at SMRTDOG.

2. Sit Stay Come Dog Training

Sit Stay Come Dog Training is an in-home training service that comes to you.  They believe that the best way to correct bad behaviors is to work within the environment in which the bad behaviors are present.  They use techniques like verbal praise, firm commands/corrections, and showing/guiding to solve your dog’s behavior issues.  For more information on package options and rates, check out their website!

3. WOOF!

WOOF! is owned and operated by certified dog trainer Erin Vejar, who decided to become a dog trainer after working with rescue animals where she found that the most well behaved dogs were the ones most likely to be adopted and more likely to live happy lives!  They offer both group training and private sessions in a classroom environment covering topics from puppy basics to advanced techniques like body targeting & awareness.

4. Pawtopia Training

Pawtopia was recently awarded the Pet Age Business of the Year Award of 2014, and their founder Colleen was a finalist in the 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year by the Women in the Pet Industry Network.  They offer a variety of training options including group training, private sessions, play and train, and vacay and train.  Try out any of their classes on basic & advanced obedience, the canine good citizen test, and fun with agility.

5. Happy Dog Happy Owner

At Happy Dog Happy Owner, they are there to help you and your dog achieve your training goals.  Whether you need help with basic manners, dog sports, obedience, or severe behavior issues they have the expertise to help.  They offer private training, group classes, and a board and train option.  You’ll love their positive outlook on dog training and the way that it builds trust between you and your playful pal.  Choose Happy Dog Happy Owner for a pawsitively perfect training experience!

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