Dog Trainers in San Antonio

Is your furry friend just a little too frisky?  Check out PetParent’s list of the best dog trainers in San Antonio!

1. Karma Dog Training

Karma Dog Training will have your playful pup’s tail wagging in no time!  They take a 100% positive reinforcement approach to dog training, so you never have to worry about your dog getting scolded.  They offer so many different training services here, including puppy kindergarten classes, private & group classes, a board & train option, and service & therapy dog training.  For Karma Dog Training class schedules, check out their website!

2. Sit Means Sit Dog Training

Looking for both an effective and affordable solution for dog training?  Check out Sit Means Sit Dog Training!  They’ll not only teach your dog to be a more obedient and happy pooch, but they’ll also teach you how to be the most confident owner you can be.  Training at Sit Means Sit addresses problems like basic puppy manners, coming when called, walking on a leash, nipping or chewing, and much more.  Most importantly, they provide a fun environment to make training enjoyable for your dog!

3. Lucy’s Doggy Daycare and Spa

Lucy’s Doggy Daycare and Spa is the pawfect place to bring your dog for some super doggy training!  At Lucy’s they offer puppy classes, in-home potty training consultations, in-home behavior & obedience consultations, and late bloomer & good manners classes.  They even offer a 10% discount for military, fireman, and law enforcement workers.  Bring your dog to Lucy’s and see what a difference some training can make!

4. San Antonio Dog Training Co.

At San Antonio Dog Training Co., they believe that training should be fun for you and your dog.  That’s why they offer convenient private in-home lessons for dogs who are more comfortable in a home environment.  They also offer private lessons at their facility as well as a residency program for PetParents who want to put their dog’s training in the hands of a professional.  Your dog will learn basic commands like sit, stay, come, down, heel, and more!

5. Barkspace

At Barkspace, they like to think of themselves as a dog socialization center where dogs can learn how to be social.  As pack animals, dogs need to be around other dogs, and training with Barkspace helps them with all their behavioral and social problems.  They offer group classes as well as private in-home lessons for dogs who are more comfortable at home.  You can even sign your dog up for an intensive board and train program.  In any training session, you can expect your dog to work on command obedience, leash manners, and patience.  Check out Barkspace for a pawsitively pleasing training experience.

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