Dog Trainers in Philadelphia

Sometimes Fido can be a real handful, but PetParent is here to help!  Check out our list of the best dog trainers in Philadelphia!

1. Zoom Room Dog Training

At Zoom Room Dog Training, dog training classes are designed to encourage dogs and to build confidence in owners.  They utilize only positive training methods, and cover topics like puppy training, basic obedience training, agility training and more!  They also offer special six week programs, which cover topics like Shy Dog, Calm Down, Urban Herding, and Scent Discrimination.  If your dog is starting from square one with training you’ll be required to attend a free orientation session prior to beginning classes at Zoom Room.  If you’re dog is a more advanced student, they’ll schedule an evaluation with you and your dog and get you placed in the right class!  Check out Zoom Room’s website for more info!

2. Tuff Pup Training

Tuff Pup Training offers private in-home dog training programs including but not limited to puppy, socialization, and obedience training.  They are ideal for PetParents who want as much one-on-one time with a trainer as possible.  Tuff Pup is run by certified professional dog trainer Matt Schimsky.  Through Tuff Pup, Matt does private sessions, but he also partners with Opportunity Barks where he teaches group classes and runs puppy play groups.  Whatever your training needs may be, Tuff Pup training is ready and able to take on the challenge!  For a full list and description of topics covered at Tuff Pup, check out their website!

3. Opportunity Barks

Are you in need of someone that can speak dog?  Well Opportunity Barks can help!  They know that each dog has different needs and offer private lessons done in your home or office, an in-home jump start training program, a boarding school option, group classes, and special topic workshops. In addition to training services, they also offer adoption counseling, adventure outings, and puppy socialization sessions.  Before beginning training with Opportunity Barks, they’ll want you to complete a “Brain Pick” session where you can discuss your and your dog’s goals and schedule an evaluation.  Check out Opportunity Barks and get those tails wagging!

4. Gentle Approach Dog Training

At Gentle Approach Dog Training, they believe that the best way to train a dog is by encouraging a benevolent and force free companion relationship with your pooch.  They exclusively offer private in-home sessions, and cover topics like basic obedience, behavioral correction, leash walking, separation anxiety, and more.  Each lesson is tailor made to fit you and your dog’s needs, so you never have to worry about covering topics that don’t pertain to you.  Prior to an in-home visit, you must complete a free over-the-phone consultation to discuss your dog’s characteristics and training needs.  To schedule a consultation, simply call or email trainer Larry Stevenson!

5. Going to the Dogs Training

Going to the Dogs Training has been training dogs in the Philadelphia area for over 20 years!  Their trainer is Debbie DeSantis, a certified pet dog trainer who passed the only nationally licensing exam for dog trainers, which is administered by the Certification Council For Pet Dog Trainers.  They specialize in rehabilitating dogs with behavioral issues (especially rescues) and are certified to administer AKC’s Good Canine Citizen test.  Going to the Dogs Training is ideal for PetParents looking for private in-home training or group classes, covering topics from basic obedience to advanced off-leash training!

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