Dog Trainers in Los Angeles

Is your furry friend just a little too frisky?  Check out PetParent’s list of the best dog trainers in Los Angeles!

1. EveryDog

At EveryDog, your pooch is sure to learn a lot, but also have fun while doing it!  They practice a modern approach to dog training, using positive reinforcement to train your furry friend.  Your dog will love coming to class because of their reward based system, which means treats for your playful pal!  They offer classes from basic obedience (commands like sit, stay, and come) to desensitization and counter-conditioning (for behaviors like aggression, separation anxiety, and leash reactivity).  Check them out for a pawsome training experience!

2. The Zen Dog

The Zen Dog will have your dog relaxed in no time!  They focus on training as well as the relationship between PetParent and pooch. Unlike many other trainers, they do not use aversion techniques like choke chains, clickers, or treats.  They aim to help you understand your dog’s energy and needs, while assuming the role of the natural leader. They offer both private custom in-home lessons as well as a basic training and boarding option.  Plus, if you’ve adopted your dog from a shelter, you’ll get $50 off your first session!

3. Pawsitvely Perfect Pooches

At Pawsitively Perfect Pooches of Los Angeles, they believe that the best way to train your dog is by creating a positive relationship and mutual respect. Once this is accomplished, anything is pawsible!  They offer group classes, private in-home training as well as pet sitting (with training brush-ups while you’re away) and a wide variety of services for the active pooch.  They even offer pet photography sessions! Check out their website for more information on their training packages too.

4. Smart Paws Dog Training

Smart Paws Dog Training’s motto is “No Pain, All Game.” And it shows! Their training methods are based on punishment-free and positive reward practices only.  They offer basic training group classes, private in-home sessions, and training walks for younger dogs or dogs that are easily distracted by vehicles, birds, cats, or other dogs.  You’ll love both the high quality of training and professionalism that Smart Paws Dog Training has to offer!

5. BlueCollar Working Dog 

Los Angeles’s BlueCollar Working Dog brings pet training to the next level!  Not only do they offer basic obedience services, but they also offer fun classes for more advanced dogs like Movie Tricks, K9 Nose Work, Training in Drive, and much more.  Many of their trainers come from the competitive training arena, and they are always looking for the latest and greatest in training techniques!  They also specialize in supplies for the working, sporting, and active dog.  Check out BlueCollar for a tail wagging good time!

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