Dog Parks in Washington DC

Are you a DC PetParent looking for a place for Rover to roam?  Check out PetParent’s list on the best dog parks in Washington DC!

1. S Street Dog Park

Located at S Street and 17th street NW, is a great little off-leash dog park sure to get your dog’s tail wagging!  For your dog’s health and safety, the park is covered in anti-microbial K9 grass that protects your doggie’s paws, unlike gravel or mulch found at other dog parks.  They’ve also got several shaded benches for you to watch your dog play and plastic baggies for anyone who may have forgotten them.  S Street Dog Park offers a doggie water fountain to ensure that your friendly Fido never gets dehydrated too!

2. Walter Pierce Dog Park

Just inside this park at 20th Street and Calvert Street, there’s a wonderful dog run for you and your pooch to visit!  This fenced in off-leash area for dogs is the perfect place to spend your summer evenings as the park does not close until 10PM during the summer.  Covered in sandy turf and secured by double gates, Walter Pierce Dog Park has plenty of room for your Rover to romp in a safe space.  It’s also equipped with picnic tables, so you can watch your dog play.  There is no water fountain at this park, so you should definitely bring your own water.  Also, it’s been noted that the dogs that typically come to this park are larger dogs (75lbs and up), so you may want to exercise caution when entering with a smaller dog.

3. Shaw Dog Park 

One of the largest dog parks in Washington DC, this 11th Street 15,000 square foot dog park is a great place to go for some summer fun with your dog!  Not only is this park huge, but it’s accessible for small and big dogs a like.  They’ve got two separate fenced in enclosures; one enclosure for dogs 25 pounds and under, physically challenged dogs, and senior dogs and one enclosure for larger dogs who are a bit more active. Shaw Dog Park is equipped with gravel turf, benches, plastic baggies (for those pesky pick ups), and water bowls for you and your dogs playing pleasure!

4. Shirlington Park

Just outside the DC area in Arlington, VA is Shirlington Park! Not only do they have a special area for a dog run created strictly for exercise, but they also have a lovely stream so your dog can enjoy a much needed dip into some cool.  If you forget to bring those plastic baggies, they’ve got them there for you!  There is also a small dog and puppy area, so there’s no need to worry about the big dogs.  If you’re a PetParent who would rather get Fido clean before you bring him home, Shirlington Dog Park is connected to a DIY dog wash where you’ll be able to wash and dry your pet before getting back in the car to go home.  This huge park is sure to give your dog, large or small, enough room to run and play around in, on land or in the water!

5. Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is centrally located right in the middle of Capitol Hill.  It’s got a large unfenced area for dog off-leash play for your best Buddy’s enjoyment.  Around the park is a 1 mile dirt path, which many dog owners go for runs with their dogs on (on-leash of course). This park typically attracts large to mid-size dogs, so if you’ve got a smaller dog you may want to exercise caution in the play area.  If you’re a PetParent and also a parent, this park has two playgrounds for kids as well!  It’s the perfect place to let your dog be a dog and to let your kid be a kid.

6. Langdon Dog Park

One of the newest dog parks in DC, Langdon Dog Park is a great place to go to enjoy an afternoon with Fido!  It’s got two separate areas for small and large dog play, so you never have to worry about your petite pooch getting trampled. This large park is equipped with gravely turf and high fences so your dog can have a safe and fun time romping around.  Also at the park are several doggie water fountains, as well as plastic baggies and lots of trashcans that encourage every visitor to keep the park as pristine and safe for dogs as possible.  The park is open from dawn to dusk, so come out and enjoy a playful afternoon at this 20th Street park!

7. Newark Street Dog Park

At 39th and Newark Street, there’s a great little place for your dog to enjoy some much needed play time!  Newark Street Dog Park has fenced in off-leash areas for both small and large dogs to play in.  This small park is equipped with gravel turf and water bowls for your dog and water fountains, plastic pick up bags, and plenty of shaded benches for you.  This park is also open from dawn until dusk, so get you and your playful pal up early one morning this summer and enjoy all that Newark Street Dog Park has to offer!

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