Dog Parks in Seattle

If you’re a PetParent living in Seattle, chances are a dog park is one of your top choices for both your pups socialization, and your own! We’ve rounded up the best dog parks in Seattle:

1. Magnuson Park

Open from dawn to dusk daily, Magnuson Dog Park is 9 acres of open land. They’ve got a designated area for the small dogs and they’re the only dog park in Washington with beach access for your pup to enjoy a good swim.

2. Denny Dog Park

Denny dog park is in the north central section of Denny park, off of John Street. This park offers an off-leash area  which is wheelchair accessible. The gravel surface is a great place for your dog to play, secured by 4 foot high fences.

3. Westcrest Park

Westcrest park is a whole 4 acres and has open paths that you can hike with your dog. They offer a large, well-drained small dog area with plenty of area to sit. It’s a popular park, but doesn’t feel crowded. Agility equipment set up in the large dog area offers a place to practice new skills with your dogs.

4. Marymoor Park

Marymoor Park is 40 acres of off leash dog park where your dog will feel free to be his doggie self! This dog park used to be a farm so open space abounds. This is King County’s most popular park.

5. Genesee Dog Park 

A fenced dog park where you dog can run and play, leash free. Two and a half fenced acres with two entrances- both double gated. This park provides a doggie drinking fountain and has a large gravel portion.


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