Dog Parks in San Jose

Looking for the perfect park near San Jose to let your dog run and be free? Here are our top 5 favorite dog parks near San Jose!

1. Watson Dog Park

Watson Dog Park of Downtown San Jose is the perfect place to let your dog release all his energy. It’s a spacious park with sections for small dog breeds and large dog breeds. With all the space in each section, your dog will be able to run as much as he or she wants! Just be sure to bring your own poop bags since they are known to run out.

2. The Sue & Dick Levy Dog Park

Located at the Humane Society Silicon Valley’s Animal Community Center, the Sue & Dick Levy Dog Park is our favorite environmentally friendly dog park! They have separated sections for large and small dogs, contouring rolling hills, play pools, and clean up centers. The grounds are state of the art and your dog will love being able to run around off leash. To note, they are a members only dog park but are opened 365 days a year.

3. Central Park Dog Park

Central Park Dog Park located not too far from San Jose, in the city of Fremont, is perfect for dogs of all sizes. They too have split sections for small dog breed and large dog breeds. Both sections are spacious, though the large breed section is extra big to accommodate the largest of pooches! The small dog section is lined with real grass, whereas the large dog section has lovely astroturf!

4. Saratoga Creek Dog Park

Saratoga Creek Dog Park in West San Jose is the park for sprinters! At Saratoga Creek, dogs of all sizes get to run and play together. They’ve got big open space with astroturf lawns, dirt side pathways, water stations, and even pooper scoopers. So bring your dog here to socialize and run with other dogs of all sizes.

5. Roy M. Butcher Dog Park

Roy M. Butcher Dog Park in San Jose is a clean and friendly park. They’ve got two enclosed areas, one for large dogs, and one for smaller breeds. The park is lined with astroturf, has plenty of pooper scoopers, and enough benches for all the dog owners to lounge. It’s got loads of room for pups and dogs of all sizes to run and be free!


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