Dog Parks in San Diego

As PetParents, we understand that sometimes our dogs just need a little off leash time to get out their zoomies, and get their exercise on! If you’re looking for a great park to let your pup run free in in San Diego, then look no further than our list of  our favorite dog parks in San Diego!

1. Nate’s Point Park 

Nate’s Point is one of the open dog spaces to be found within Balboa Park. It is around 2 acres of completely fenced fun! Nate’s Point Park has drinking fountains and picnic tables for the humans as well as a great back-story about how it came to be. Named after a former city employee- Nate Wells, he “took an ugly pile of dirt and weeds and transformed it, working on his own time” to create this amazing park that San Diego citizens enjoy with their dogs today.

2. Morely Field 

Morely Field is a great off leash area for your dog located near the tennis courts in Balboa Park. With free parking (YES) and plenty of grassy room for them to run, your pup will love enjoying the outdoors with you. The best park about this dog park is that if you want to go on a hike with your dog after they’ve gotten their fill of off-leash time, you can head right over to the Florida Canyon Nature Trails and explore with your dog on-leash.

3. Ocean Beach Dog Beach

This nationally famous dog beach is one of the first in the USA. Ocean Beach Dog Beach is a great spot for you and your dog some lovely sun and water. Enjoy a nice ocean breeze while your dog plays off leash in the water! There is never a bad day to go to the beach, especially when you can bring your pup! The parking lot packs up quickly, so get here early or be prepared to walk a bit from your car to the beach. We’d recommend that PetParents bring a chair as many folks have complained of male dogs ‘marking’ on their stuff if it’s not well picked up!

4. Capehart Dog Park 

Capehart park is a great place to take your pup! The park has an awesome small dog area and large dog area, a drinking fountain, and some nice tables in case you want to bring a picnic! The large dog area has a tendency to get run down to dirt and dust in the summer, and many dog sitting companies bring pets here. There is often a crowd of well managed, and friendly dogs to be found.

5. Dusty Rhodes Dog Park 

There is plenty of room for your pup to run off leash and play at Dusty Rhodes! With tons of open space you can bring a picnic, fly a kite, or spend some quality time with your pup. This park is a small dog owner favorite because they’ve got a separate area for large and small dogs. This park is said to have a gopher problem, so PetParents should watch their step! This is a great park to catch a beautiful sunset!


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