Dog Parks in San Antonio

McAllister Park, San Antonio TX

San Antonio has a wide rage of dog parks across the city. We found that the best dog parks in San Antonio all have great things to offer our four-legged friends. Dog Parks are a great way to help socialize your dog and provide a place to spend time with your pet off-leash.

1. McAllister Dog Park, 

Address: 13102 Jones-Maltsberger

Located in one of San Antonio’s largest parks, this dog park offers lots of shade, plenty of benches, poop bag stations and water. It can be a little difficult to find but well worth the effort. There is a small dog area and a large dog area with obstacles. Our favorite part of this park, is the paved path that circles the park. So, instead of standing around watching the dogs play, you can get your exercise too! Even on a quiet day there is no shortage of things for you and your pet to experience at this park.

2. Phil Hardberger Dog Parks, 

Address: 8400 NW Military Hwy or 13203 Blanco Road

This park boasts two dog parks, one of each side of the park. Each one has a large and small dog area with obstacles and plenty of benches. We had a difficult time finding the dog park because there are very few signs. Once we did find it, we were surprised by how well shaded both of the areas were. The park off of Blanco road, offers a water feature, that is almost like a trough, where dogs can get a drink or play in the water on hot Texas days. Expect a wet and muddy friend, bring some towels for the ride home.

3. Tom Slick Dog Park

Address: 7400 Highway 151

San Antonio’s newest dog park, west of town. There is a large and small dog area. This park also offers obstacles, poop stations and water stations are available. This park also has some paved pathways which lead to a few picnic areas. One of the obstacles is a teeter totter. It is a great open space with lots to offer you and your best friend. On the downside, there is not a lot of shade.

4. Pearsall Park Dog Park 

Address: 4700 Old Pearsall Road

Located south of town, near Lackland AFB. Pearsall Dog Park is easy to find, the entrance to the dog park is right off the main entrance of the park. Impossible to miss. Unlike  the other parks, this park is grass, with a small paved path. There are a few picnic tables and some shaded areas. It also boasts some obstacles.

The parks are quiet during off hours but tend to get fairly busy in the evenings and on weekends. It can take some getting used too.  If you and your pup are new to the dog park scene, take is slow and go during off-hours until you feel more comfortable.  Best of all, make some new friends or just let Fido take care of that for you. Enjoy!

Contributor: Liz Clouse

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