Dog Parks in Portland

Portland is known for being one of the most dog friendly cities in the USA. Getting out and about with your pup shouldn’t pose a challenge here! We’ve rounded up the best dog parks in Portland where you and you pup can go to let loose!

1. 1000 Acres Dog Park  

1000 acres dog park is a huge area where your dog can just be a dog! The parking lot can get full on weekends, but this is a true doggie paradise. With large open fields, paths for hiking, and water access (with a beach) there’s something for every dog to enjoy. Many folks say the park is so big they often don’t run into other dogs or PetParents at all (except the beach-total hot spot!). Also known as the Sandy River Delta, this is Portland’s largest off-leash area, 1,400 acres in total. Because the park is so large, it’s recommended that PetParents pack their own water- the hike from the parking area to the river can be several miles depending on the trail chosen.

2. Alberta Park 

The off leash area is one of the draws to this park, located in NE Portland. The park is one of the shadier ones, with lots of tall pine trees. PetParents should bring their own water and clean up bags as the bag-dispensers at the park are often empty.

3. Sellwood Dog Park 

This area is known for it’s dog friendly neighborhood. Sellwood park is a great place to let the dogs play, and then stop by for a bite to eat or some shopping nearby. With both grassy knolls, sandy beaches, and water access this is a great all-in-one stop. This park isn’t fenced, so dogs without a solid recall should avoid playing at this park.

4. Cathedral Dog Park 

A more beautiful park in Portland is hard to be found, Cathedral park is a gem! There’s a lovely view of Portland’s St. John’s bridge, as well as a ton of great activity to be enjoyed. Kids play, dogs running, bikers, walkers, and much more. It’s not a fenced in dog area, so dogs with a good recall will do best here. Most evenings you’ll find PetParents walking with their dogs, playing frisbee/ball, or working on their tricks in the large grassy expanse.

5. Brentwood Park 

Brentwood park in located in SE Portland. They offer a decent sized off leash area that is partially shaded by some nice trees. The park is open from 5am-midnight daily. This is one that you’ll want to bring a gallon of your own water to- all the thirsty dogs will appreciate it as there isn’t a water source on site.

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