Dog Parks in Pittsburgh

Looking for great dog parks in Pittsburgh to enjoy with your pup? Check out our top list & brush up on the dog park rules before you go.

1. South Park Dog Park

No leash? No problem! Bring your dog to South Park! They will love running and playing with some new furry friends! Just make sure you check out the dog park rules before you head out! This park has a big and small dog section. There are benches for the humans to relax, and the park has a great view of the river too. Avoid this park for a few days after a big rain, it’s got a tendency to get really muddy.

2. Riverview Dog Park 

Riverview Dog Park is a great off leash dog park for your pet! They are also welcome to the other parts of the park as long as they are on leash. This park is loved by dog owners and joggers alike, so be on the look out for anyone running if your dog loves to chase.

3. Hartwood Acres County Dog Park

When you come with your pup to Hartwood Acres, you will not find a sporting facility. This beautiful 20th century mansion and the estate property has plenty of winding trails for you to follow with your dog by your side. You will feel as if you are in an episode of ‘Downton Abbey’ with your pup as you explore these grounds together- a great adventure!

4. Point State Park 

Come walk around the trails at Point State Park with your pup! Keep them on leash during daylight hours and you two are sure to have a great time. This beautiful park is situated at the confluence of three separate rivers, so it’s quite an active area for wildlife as well as being a historic area. It’s beautiful for enjoying the outdoors with your pup, bring the family for a picnic too!

5. Heritage Park Dog Park

Your dog will love this safe fenced in area! There is a doggie drinking fountain, as well as two for the humans,  a doggie bag dispenser, and plenty of friends for Fido to play with!  Fully fenced, this area includes plenty of shady trees, and a whole host of amazing things for your pup to investigate.


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