Dog Parks in Miami

Are you a Miami PetParent looking for a place to play fetch with your pooch?  Check out PetParent’s list of the Best Dog Parks in Miami!

1. Washington Avenue Bark Park

Both you and your dog will love Washington Avenue Bark Park!  They’ve got two double-gated dog runs for Fido to get some exercise and benches for you to sit and watch your furry friend romp around.  They’ve also got doggy water fountains, so after your pooch enjoys some off-leash fun, treat him to some ice cold water!  Check out the Washington Avenue Bark Park, located at the Northeast corner of Washington and 2nd!

2. Flamingo Park

Newly renovated in 2011, the Flamingo Park, on 13th and Michigan, is now a whopping 39,000 square foot bark park! Bring your dog to this newly redesigned bark park equipped with two dog runs for large and small dogs alike.  The park also has several drinking stations for people and their pets, biodegradable baggie stations, and lots of shady seating for those hot summer months in Miami.  Check out Flamingo Park’s other features too, like their swimming pools and tennis courts!

3. Tropical Park Bark Park 

For a full day of play, check out the Tropical Park Bark Park on 82nd Ave. and 40th St. They’ve got everything your pup’s heart desires including ample space to run around, obstacles courses, and a divider between large and small dog play areas.  For you, plenty of baggies provided at the park and there are lots of picnic tables shaded by trees a plenty.  Check out the Tropical Park Bark Park soon and get your playful pal’s tail wagging!

4. Amelia Earhart Bark Park

The Amelia Earhart Bark Park on 65th St. and 4th Ave. is the place to take your dog for a barktastic time!  Your dog will love romping around this large five acre area, equipped with lots of agility equipment, separate areas for small and large dogs, natural watering holes, and plenty of people and doggy friendly water fountains.  You’ll love the park too because of it’s shaded seating areas and because it’s got Wi-Fi, making it the perfect place to bring your pooch if you’ve still got a little work to do!

5. Greynolds Park

The Greynolds Park is probably the highest point in Miami, and the high point of a summer day for a dog!  This large grassy area has plenty of room for your dog to run and play, and when he’s done, he can take advantage of the doggy water fountains at the park.  There are separate play areas for small and large dogs too.  Check out this park at 116th St. and 14th Ave., and see what all the barks about!

6. Dog Beach

Opening on June 20 on Collins and 81st Street, the Dog Beach is the place to bring your pooch for a fun day in the sand in surf!  This beach will be a leashed dog beach for the most part except in designated play areas. It will be open for use on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday from 3-7PM.  Your dog will love playing on this beach; check it out soon and maybe even pop over for the grand opening!

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