Dog Parks in Dallas Fort Worth

Are you a Dallas Fort Worth PetParent looking for a place to play fetch or get a little off leash time with your pooch?  Check out PetParent’s list of the Best Dog Parks in Dallas Fort Worth and find a new place to explore together!

1. Wagging Tail Dog Park 

This park is a great little escape from the big city! An entire 7 acres is here, just waiting for your dog to explore! Wagging Tail Dog Park offers an area for both big and small dogs, as well as a 1/4 mile walking trail and a deck overlooking White Rock Creek. Water fountains are available for both PetParents and pups. The parks entire sprinkler system is solar powered, and the park is landscaped with hardy native plants to require minimal care.

2. Meadows Dog Park

Meadows Dog park boasts a large play area, although small dog owners should be cautioned that there is no separate small dog zone. PetParents visiting the Meadows Dog Park need to bring their own water. Meadows dog park offers plenty of parking spaces, and pick up bags are available inside the park. Bench seating in the park, and picnic tables outside offer ample places for people to rest while their dogs play.

3. NorthBark Dog Park

One of the newer dog parks to the area, NorthBark is located at 4899 Gramercy Oaks Drive. NorthBark is even larger than the Wagging Tail Dog Park and it features a dog swimming pond plus a dog shower for easy clean up after their swim. This park includes lots of parking and porta potties for the Petparents. NorthBark is open for exploration Wed-Monday from dawn to dusk and is closed on Tuesday’s for maintenance.

4. White Rock Lake Dog Park

This location was Dallas’ first off-leash dog park. The Mockingbird Point is an especially popular dog swimming area. The park sits on city property, but was purchased in 2001 with private and corporate donations. White Rock Lake Dog park is closed Monday’s for maintenance, otherwise is open 5am-11pm year round.

5. Fort Woof Dog Park

Fort Woof Dog Park certainly has a fun name! There are picnic tables and benches available here, although no food is allowed in the park. PetParents will find a watering station suitable for their own needs, and for their thirsty pups. Located off Beach street just north of I-30. The park is divided into small and large dog sections- each one having an agility course with tunnels, jumps, hoops, and even a catwalk. The park is open daily from 5am-11:30 pm and does it’s lawn watering at night to avoid wasting water and to make the park most usable for PetParents and their pups.

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