Dog Parks in Houston

Looking for a great dog park to hang out with your pup in Houston? Check out our favorite places to let our dogs run and play in the Houston area!

1. Congressman Bill Archer Dog Park 

Open from dusk until dawn, your pup will love running, playing, and swimming in this dog park! Make sure your dog is current on their vaccinations before you head out! There is plenty of parking at this park, and it’s divided into both a large and small dog section. Both sections have access to a pond, and walking paths. The small dog section even has agility equipment to practice on. They have water hoses so you can wash up your dog before packing up in the car.

2. Sam Houston Park 

Sam Houston Park is beautiful to say the least. While you do have to keep your dog on a leash at certain parts here, you will both love to take in the scenery around you! There is a designated (fenced in) dog area that you can let your dog off leash. It’s divided into a large and small dog area, both sides have a swimming pool, fire hydrant, and sprinkler system for the dogs to cool off and have fun!

3. Cattail Dog Park 

Cattail Dog Park is located in the Woodlands. It’s about an acre in size, and there is a large and small dog section along with water fountains for your pups! It’s recommended you bring your own bowl. The park is generally very clean, provides seating, and pick up bags.  This park has a list of rules that are fairly strictly enforced, one of them being that children under the age of 8 are not allowed in the dog park at all.

4. Ervan Chew Dog Park 

This 9,000 square feet fenced in property provides a safe place for your pup to run freely. This was the first neighborhood park in Houston that allowed dogs to legally run free. The dog-zone is adjacent to the swimming pool & picnic area. Make sure to bring your own water for your pup, as he will probably be very thirsty after playing! This park is mostly mulched without much grass. Parking is fairly easy here, as overflow often heads into the nearby neighborhoods.

5. Danny Jackson Bark Park 

Danny Jackson Bark Park is open from sun up to sundown, giving you plenty of time to squeeze in a visit with your dogs. A little over two and a half acres of fun is to be had here! There is a walking trail, a pool, and a washing station for clean up afterwards. The park is well maintained and clean and the pick up bags are plentiful. There is a small and large dog section to this park to keep Pet Parents of all sized pooches happy. Make sure to have your dog completely vaccinated before visiting this dog park, or any other. There are benches for people to hang, plenty of shade, and a secure double-gated entry to the park.