Dog Parks in Denver

Check out our pick of the best dog parks in Denver. Enjoy the great outdoors with your dog while they have a frolic off the leash.

1. Stapleton Dog Park

Stapleton is an expansive park offering your dog plenty of space to play, sniff,  and enjoy its freedom. It’s very well maintained and has nice touches like the bowls by the water fountains.  The park always seems to have lots of friendly dogs and owners so it’s a pleasure to visit.

2. Lowry Dog Park

This lovely park is in a natural setting and is quite secluded. It has 2 sections for low and high energy. The larger of the two is for high energy and contains lots of interesting terrain and fire hydrants. The other is smaller and flat for dogs with low energy. Both have lots of shade and seating for owners to relax while the doggies play.

3. Railyard Dog Park

Railyard dog park is a popular fenced in area with low and high energy areas. The ground is soft and sandy so nice on the paws. For owners there’s lots of shade and seating areas and for your thirsty pup a water fountain.  I recommend that you always take extra water just in case the fountain isn’t working.

4. Cherry Creek State Dog Park

Cherry Creek is a great dog park to let your pooch off the leash and run wild. There’s several walking routes to take and lots of space for them to explore. Entry fee is $11 so a CO state pass and dog park pass is well worth it. This is a hugely popular park with people from all over the city.

5. Forsberg Iron Spring Dog Park

This 4 acre dog park has some amazing views being located right next to Green Mountain. There are two areas each for small and large dogs but there is no real rule to this. A plus point is the fact it’s on a hill and there are lots of balls and play things around so your dog will get plenty of exercise and fun.


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