Dog Parks in Chicago

Are you a PetParent in Chicago who’s always looking for a great place to get outside and play with your pup? Living in the city, it can pose a bit of a challenge to find a space outdoors that allows your dog to really romp and run to his fullest. Here’s a round up of some of the best dog parks in Chicago!

1. Montrose Beach Dog Park

The Montrose Dog Beach was Chicago’s first off-leash dog beach. It’s located on the NW corner of Montrose Beach, which is the point closest to the city. This dog park has ample parking, and a handicap accessible ramp near the boat launch. Dog Beach is open from sun up until 9PM and is generally the busiest in the morning hours. If you’ve got a dog who loves a good swim, or needs to cool off often during exercise be sure to check out this fun park!

2. Grant Bark Park 

Grant Bark Park is located behind the Chicago Park District’s’ maintenance building on Columbus Dr. This large, entirely enclosed park is near the tennis courts in Grant Park. This park is well-maintained and welcoming. Pick up bags, pup fountain, and a good time are available and accessible to all who visit.

3. Wiggly Field Dog Park 

Also known as Noethling Playlot Park, Wiggly Field is located in Lincoln Park. There are 18,750 square feet of puppy play space that’s mostly covered in asphalt or gravel. Grass-loving pups will prefer a different park, but playtime on these rough surfaces can be a great way to wear down doggie nails. There is a fountain, pools and pick up bags provided here. A separate area for agility training, as well as a ‘time out’ section for pups who get a bit too excited.

4. Puptown Dog Park 

Puptown is an off-leash area located in Margate Park, in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. Puptown includes 16,230 square feet of fully enclosed fun for you & your pup. Park clean-up parties are held every other weekend during the spring, summer and fall. New volunteers are always needed & welcomed.

5. Wicker Park

Wicker Park is one of the most frequented dog friendly areas in Chicago. While it’s not the largest park available, it’s a great location for many PetParents. Both a doggie fountain, and pick up bags are provided at this location- which locals say is one of the cleaner parks in the area. Kiddie pools are brought out each summer to give dogs an extra way to cool down and splash around. PetParents are encouraged to pay close attention to their pups at this park because it’s often one of the busiest ones. The biggest complaint of this park is the lack of shade.

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