Dog Parks in Austin

Looking for a great dog park for you & your pup to check out in Austin? Some of these are ideal for summer hikes, while others are great all year round! See our favorite dog parks in Austin below!

1. St. Edwards 

St. Edwards is an on leash trail that is tucked away just off highway 360 and Spicewood Springs. Not only does it have some beautiful natural areas, but your pup will love swimming in all of the designated swimming holes! This is one of our favorite hidden gems in Austin, as you will love that the park is usually not very crowded. The trail is ideal for trail runners, hikers, and those who just love to explore with their dogs. Several trails wind their way through the park, giving you options for which way to head back to the car. There are clear streams where you can see the fish, and plenty of rocky ledges to rest on and snap a cute pic of your pup along the way.

2. Bull Creek 

Waterfalls in Texas? Yes! We may not be Hawaii, but we have some hidden gems of our own! Bull Creek is a great area to visit with your dogs- you can spend a few hours to a whole day just wandering around and taking in the sights here.  Your pup will love swimming in the creek with you, which will feel amazing when it is in the middle of that scorching Texas summer. This park is family friendly, and you may encounter people picnicking- so be prepared to keep close tabs on your pup. This used to be an exclusively off-leash park, now the leash law does apply here. Patrons of the park are encouraged (as always) to pick up after themselves and their pups.

3. Millrun Park 

Millrun park is a really great park where you can let your pup run free! The fee is $35 for non residents and $25 for residents and you must apply for a pass & key before you’re able to enter. While registering could be taken as a pain, it’s worth it once you realize that this is an extremely well maintained park that you will be able to enjoy without fear or worry of your pup being injured, eating trash, etc. Make sure you check out the park rules here before you head out with your pup to ensure the whole family is on the same page. Water bowls and pick up bags are provided. This park is known for having a crowd of PetParents who closely monitor their pups and consistently keep the park clean and safe.

4. Onion Creek 

Onion Creek is mostly a park that requires you to keep your pup on the leash, but there’s one off leash area and it’s worth a visit!  Quiet, secluded, and calm. Onion Creek is full of great creeks, trails, and grassy areas your dog will love enjoying some nice fresh air with you! There are walking and hiking paths that all have access to water for the dog who loves to take a quick dip. There is less of a large crowd to be found at this park, making it an ideal choice for those seeking some solitude.

5. Zilker Park 

Last but not least, this is one of our personal favorites! We love taking our pups to Zilker Park! Located right next to Barton Springs, with a huge grassy area for them to run and play in! This is one of Austin’s most happening outdoor spots- just always something going on here!  Go grab a book, lay down a blanket, and enjoy the Texas sun & the nice grass in Zilker with your pup by your side! Some days it seems there are more dogs than people in this park!



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