Dog Parks in Albuquerque

The weather gets hot almost as soon as the sun comes out in Albuquerque, but a PetParent still has to get out with their dog daily! If you’re looking to spend some quality time with your pet outdoors, then check out these awesome dog parks we’ve found, that your dog will love! They dog parks in the City of Albuquerque have their own set of dog park rules, be sure you read through the full set of park rules here before you head out with your pup!

1. North Domingo Baca Dog Park 

 This is an excellent park in Albuquerque! Quite a transformation from the former dust bowl that it used to be!  Not only is it HUGE, but there is also a designated small dog and large dog area- keeping play time safe for pups of all sizes. There are plenty of places for you to sit in the shade while your pup enjoys some play time! This park is expanding to include tennis courts and more activities to keep the human members of your family happy too!

2.Coronado Dog Park 

Coronado is a great park for your dog! This fenced in area has a limit of three dogs per person, and there is no drinking fountain for the pups, so it’s essential to pack your own! The parking can be difficult here- something to be aware of before you head out. It’s a spacious dog park, one that your dog will love to run and bound through with his pup pals. The park has several entrances/exits making it easier for you to get in and out with your pup.

3. Canine Skyline Dog Park

Canine Skyline is a huge fenced in open space that your pup can play in! They always seem to have bags stocked so owners can pick up after pups, and the park remains relatively clean. Bring your own water to quench your pups thirst. This park is noted as being best for bigger dogs, especially in the afternoons when the park gets more full. The smaller dogs have a tendency to get lost in the pack and might do best at a different park.

4. Tom Bolack Urban Forest Park 

Tom Bolack is one of our favorite dog friendly parks in Albuquerque! With a water fountain for your pup and a nice, safe, fenced in area, you will love spending time with Fido here! There are plenty of trees providing shade and ample awesome smells for your dog to take in. A pedestrian underpass connects this park to the Jerry Cline Park on the East side of Louisiana.

5. Ouray Dog Park 

This fenced in dog park is a great place to spend time with your pup! If you have a small dog, beware that there is no small dog area for your little guy, and he may feel comfortable at one of Albuquerque’s other dog parks. Poop bags and water are available at this park, as well as ample parking which is a huge plus! The PetParents who frequent this park have teamed up with the city to keep the park in tip-top shape- last year they even had a tree planting event!


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