Dog Groomers in Miami

Are you a Miami PetParent looking to primp up your pooch?  Check out PetParent’s list of the best dog groomers in Miami!

1. MyDog

At MyDog, dogs come first!  All members of their staff are true dog lovers and will treat your playful pooch to the grooming experience he deserves. Your dog will be groomed in a private suite ensuring his comfort during grooming. In addition to standard grooming services, they’ve got lots of other luxury services for your pooch to enjoy too, including blueberry facials and pad conditioning.  Grooming with MyDog is sure to get those tails wagging!

2. Ace Dog Grooming & Pet Supplies

Ace Dog Grooming & Pet Supplies knows how to truly pamper your pet.  They use only natural and organic products while grooming your pet in a facility with a state of the art purifcation system designed to eliminate airborne diseases and flying pet hair. All of their groomers are certified Trusted Experts, meaning they go through a hands-on as well as written training program before they ever pet your animals.  With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Ace Dog Grooming is the pawfect place to bring your dog for his next groom!

3. Orange Grooming

If you’re one who likes to regularly groom your dog, you may want to check out Orange Grooming.  With unlimited grooming for $39.95 a month, you cant beat Orange Grooming’s prices!  For those with dogs who require a little less grooming, they offer lots of packages from basic baths to spa treatments, so you can treat your pooch every once in a while.  Orange Grooming is the place to take your dog for a totally pawsome grooming experience!

4. Barks & Tales Dog Spa

Your dog will love Barks & Tales Dog Spa!  They like to really know your pet and his background, so you’ll be asked to complete a pet history and health form when you first groom with them. Before the grooming begins, you’ll be able to consult the groomer with any concerns or instructions about grooming your dog.  Most of their grooming service take anywhere from 1.5-3.5 hours and they’ll call you 15 minutes before your pet gets finished being primped allowing you time to come fetch them!

5. Lovely Pets Grooming Salon & Boutique

Lovely Pets Grooming Salon & Boutique is a lovely place to get Fido feeling good!  Your pet will get his own private housing while he waits to be groomed by their highly trained staff.  They offer a variety of services from basic baths to full grooms perfect for any pooch or PetParent.  Check out their cute boutique too and get your pet a treat after his groom.  So go on out to Lovely Pets Grooming Salon & Boutique and see what all the barks about!

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