Dog Groomers in Las Vegas

Are you a Vegas PetParent looking for the perfect place to get your pooch primped?  Check out PetParent’s list of the best dog groomers in Las Vegas!

1. Top Dog Grooming

Get your dog in top notch condition at Top Dog Grooming!  They offer full grooming services for any and all breeds and will take special care with animals that require a different kind of grooming, like senior or timid dogs.  At Top Dog, they will make sure that your pooch gets all the attention he deserves; each one of their highly trained grooming professionals use hand scissoring techniques to get your pup looking good!  Walk-ins are always welcome, but it is recommended that you make an appointment due to their popularity.  Check out Top Dog Grooming and let them transform your dog into a fetching Fido!

2. On All 4’s

For a pawsitively personal experience, check out On All 4’s Elite Pet Grooming!  At this doggy salon, grooming is done by appointment only because they groom one dog at a time to make sure that your furry friends get the attention they deserve.  They offer standard grooming services as well as unique dye jobs for PetParents looking for a completely new (or blue) look!  Unlike many other dog groomers, On All 4’s allows you to watch your pet get groomed.  Best of all, they’re pretty reasonably priced!

3. Urban Style Dog

At Urban Style Dog, they treat your dog like family!  Your dog will be given not only a quality groom, but also lots of attention.  They can cut and style all sizes and breeds of dogs; they can also do breed specific cuts as well as stylistic cuts.  At the end of your dog’s groom, they’ll also put a complimentary bandanna or bow on your pooch to complete their new look.  They believe a well groomed dog is a happy dog, so get your furry friends in to Urban Style Dog and get those tails wagging!

4. A Happy Dog Wash

For all you DIYers out there, there’s A Happy Dog Wash! For just $12, you get your own private dog washing stall and access to a variety of shampoos, conditioners, and scrubbers as well as towels, a blow dryer, eye wipes, and cotton balls to clean your pooch’s ears.  If you need help, they always have staff members on-site to answer any of your questions.  They also offer professional grooming services here for a more traditional pet grooming option; services include full bath and grooms, nail grinding, and teeth brushing.

5. Pampered Pets On Wheels

Don’t have time to take your pooch to the groomer?  Pampered Pets On Wheels will come to you!  Their grooming trailer will come right to your door and before you know it, your pup will bathed, groomed, and ready to go.  Their trailers ensure plenty of space for a comfortable pet grooming experience and are equipped with only the best grooming tools and equipment.  This is a truly one-on-one experience;  your dog won’t have to deal with other dogs and the grooming process will go much more quickly because it is so private.  Check out Pampered Pets on Wheels the next time your dog is in need of some primping and polishing! 

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