Dog Groomers in Indianapolis

Are you an Indianapolis PetParent looking to primp up your pooch?  Check out PetParent’s list of the best dog groomers in Indianapolis!

1.  Fur Bee

The Fur Bee is the perfect place to bring your pet for all his grooming and couture needs.  With over 15 years of grooming experience under their belts, they know how to treat every breed, coat, and temperament.  Check out their boutique too, stocked with lots of unique toys, treats, and accessories for all your dog’s needs!  The Fur Bee is the pawfect place to bring your pet for some extra TLC!

2. Downtown Doggie

For a basic bath, check out Downtown Doggie!  They offer bath packages that include nail trimming, ear cleaning, loose hair removal, and more.  They’ve got lots of other cool services too, like dog training, walking, and doggy daycare (featured on PetParent’s list of the Best Doggy Day Care in Indianapolis).  Check out Downtown Doggie for all your pet service needs!

3. Barkefellers

Barkefellers prides themselves on providing superior service, and they certainly do!  All their grooms include toenail trims, shaves between the pads, and lots of TLC.  They groom on Sundays too, making grooming even more convenient for the busy PetParent of today.  Be sure to check out all their other services too, like their doggy daycare also featured on our list of the Best Doggy Daycares in Indianapolis!

4. Good Dog Hotel & Spa

For the latest and greatest in dog grooming techniques, check out Good Dog Hotel & Spa!  They use the HydroSurge massage therapy bathing system ensuring your dog the best and most enjoyable experience.  Check your dog into doggy daycare (featured in our Doggy Daycare list) and make a day of it, turning grooming day into something your dog will really enjoy.  Your pup will not only get primped but also get to enjoy a day of romping around with his pals!

5. Shake Dog Salon

Shake Dog Salon believes that when your dog looks good, he feels even better.  That’s why they’re dedicated to providing you and your pet with quality service. They’ve got lots of package as well as a la carte grooming options for your dog.  Pricing is based on the breed of dog and a breed estimate guide is posted on their website as well.  Check out Shake Dog Salon next time your dog needs to be groomed!


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