Dog Parks in San Francisco

Looking for an awesome dog park to enjoy in San Francisco? Check out our favorites!

1. Alta Park 

Alta park has a fenced off leash area just on the east side of the park. We love this park for our pups, because it has plenty of room for them to run and play. Make sure you bring your own water (and treats!) for your pup, as there is not a water fountain located here.

2. Buena Vista Park

This is a great off leash dog park that is sure to give you and your pup a great workout. With tons of brush landscape and gorgeous trails, you and your pup will feel very far away from the city while you enjoy your time here. It’s like hiking with dogs! Make sure you bring a bag with you to pick up any of your dogs poo along the way, you know what they say “pack it in, pack it out” keeps the wilderness preserved.

3. John McLaren Park

 McLaren Park is a great place to go with your pup on one of those classic glorious sunny days in San Francisco. They have two different off leash dog parks that you and your dog can enjoy together. For more information on those parks, including their rules, check out this link. You should take your dog hiking (on leash) on one of their over 7 miles of trail! Your pup will feel like he is back in the wilderness with all the natural vegetation and wildlife surrounding him!

4. Eureka Valley Dog Park 

This off leash park is a great place to watch your pup run around and make some new friends. You may get a few laughs out of watching your pup frolic around at this dog park. Make sure to bring your own water, as there is no fountain at this park!

5. Upper Noe Dog Park 

This is a great play area for your pup! Upper Noa has two long alleys for playing fetch. They also can run and play in the large flat area along with their other four legged friends. Make sure you bring water and pet waste disposal bags for your pup during your park visit!

6. St. Mary’s Park

St. Mary’s has two dog designated areas that your pup will love running around in. This area is tucked over by the fourth level children’s recreation area. Your dog will feel like they are high-class as they run around the pristine green turf, that may sometimes be mistaken for a putting green.


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