Dog Boarding in Miami

Are you a Miami PetParent looking for a place to bring your dog while you’re away?  Check out PetParent’s list of the best dog boarding in Miami!

1. D.O.G. Miami Daycare, Obedience & Grooming

The D.O.G. is all about treating your dog to not only a cage-free environment, but the finest in doggy hotel services!  They’ve got five room options for your dog, including an option of double rooms for multi-family dogs.  They’ve also got services a la carte including runs on the treadmill, Kong toys filled with creamy peanut butter, and even “Bone” calls for PetParents who want to say goodnight to their pooch.  You can also check out their grooming and training services to get your pup in for some primping and coaching while you’re away!

2. Furry Paws

Furry Paws offers your dog a home away from home while you’re gone.  While your dog boards with Furry Paws, you can expect your dog to enjoy a cage free environment with two roomy playrooms equipped with shock absorbent floors, a 2,000 square foot bark park with a giant pool, and quality care from highly trained professionals.  They’ll even give your dog a free bath on the day that he goes home!  They’ve got a great doggy daycare too, check it out in our other article the “Best Doggy Day Care in Miami!”

3. The Dog Dude Ranch

Your dog can be just one of the “Overnight Dudes” at The Dog Dude Ranch!  Let your dog enjoy the comfortable atmosphere of doggy sleepovers in their large family ares, or outfit your dog with his own private cabin.  The Dog Dude Ranch will keep your dog going during the day with all the activities that the Day Dudes (their doggy day care) participate in!  They’ll provide your dogs with meals from home with the food you bring in for your dog’s stay.  Your dog will love The Dog Dude Ranch!

4. Murphy’s Place for Dogs

At Murphy’s Place for Dogs they truly simulate a homey atmosphere.  This facility houses a limited number of small dogs and puppies by appointment and approval only.  You can expect your petite pooch to enjoy all the conveniences of keeping his regular schedule; feeding times, potty breaks, walks and bedtimes are scheduled by the facility to match your exact schedule.  Murphy’s Place for Dogs provides cage free care for your dog 24/7!

5. Dogtown

At the Dogtown Dog Hotel, your pooch will be truly spoiled!  At this free-roam facility, your dog can go anywhere he wants anytime he wants in their indoor play areas, as well as their common areas.  During the day, your dog will go out for three outdoor potty breaks too!  Additional add-on features include 30 minute walks, a 1 hour trip to the dog park, obedience sessions, and Kong toys filled with yummy peanut butter goodness.  Your dog will love all that the Dogtown Dog Hotel has to offer!

6. Ace Grooming and Boarding

Ace Grooming and Boarding offers not only marvelous grooming services featured in our article the “Best Dog Groomers in Miami,” but they also offer wonderful dog boarding services!  They provide a cage-free clean environment for your dog, complete with a state-of-the-art air purification system that eliminates airborne bacteria and flying pet hair.  Their boarding facility is almost spa-like with ambient lighting, soft music, and lots of space for your furry friend to relax and enjoy the good life!

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