Kelly Schneider

final kellyKelly has been a lifelong PetParent. Growing up, she surrounded herself with animals. Kelly raised frogs from tiny tadpoles (and then released back into the wild, of course!). Through the years, she cared for a myriad of animals, including everything from chickens to mice. As an adult, Kelly has devoted her time and efforts to animal advocacy. For 10 years, Kelly was an active volunteer and member of the Animal Trustees of Austin, an organization that  provides safe, compassionate, and affordable treatment for animals. In 2014, she became a Founding Foundation Member of the Heart Of Texas Lab Rescue, an organization which rescues labs from shelters and places them in foster care until their new PetParents can be found. Kelly brings not only her love of animals and passion for animal advocacy to PetParent, but also her expertise in marketing, community outreach, and public relations. She has a BA in Communications from Texas State University. For the past decade, has navigated the professional cultures of both small startups and large corporate environments, helping her clients grow their business and increase revenue through the development of dynamic communications campaigns. Through PetParent, she hopes to continue to raise awareness for animal rescue organizations for the benefit of PetParents and rescues everywhere.