Use Branch Basics to Clean Pet Dishes

Not sure about you, but we’re fully willing to admit that we don’t wash our pup’s dishes quite often enough. The grunge and grime seem to build up at alarming rates, whether it’s the dog food or water bowl. Getting into a pet dish washing routine is a habit that would most definitely benefit the entire family! If you feed your dog out of interactive toys, slo bowls, or feeding toys occasionally, then you need to wash those out frequently as well.

We recently introduced you to Branch Basics and highlighted it’s awesomeness when it comes to handling your pet laundry. Aside from that, Branch Basics is also an ideal way to gently and safely clean your pets food and water dishes as well as plastic feeding toys without worrying about any toxic soapy residue being left over.

Branch Basics is free of:

  • ammonia 
  • phosphates
  • endocrine disruptors
  • SLS
  • chlorine bleach

Some of our (other) favorite uses for Branch Basics include:

  • bathing the dog
  • cleaning the dogs toys/bedding
  • cleaning carpet stains/odors
  • doing laundry
  • cleaning the floors
  • hand soap/body soap
  • hair de-tangler
  • pet ear cleaner
  • removing adhesives/candle wax
  • washing fruits and veggies
  • cleaning yoga mats
  • wash car/bike/boat

By establishing a set pet cleaning and grooming routine, you can most effectively manage some of the less pleasant side effects of living with pets: hair, dander, and generally messiness. These little improvements will only work to make life with your pet the absolute best it can be. Next time your pet’s bowls need a good cleaning, be sure to use Branch Basics to clean your pet dishes!

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