Sun Safety Tips for Pet Parents

Summer is here in full swing, and it’s a perfect time to enjoy the sunshine and great outdoors with our pets. It’s our job as PetParents to do anything we can to help our pets stay cool, and comfortable in the summer heat.  Did you know that pets can get sun burn too? It’s true!

Summer Sun Safety Tips:

  • Extra care for light coats (or pink noses): these are the pets that will most easily be burned by the harsh summer sun.
  • Dog friendly sun-screen: yes, they really do make this! And it’s important that you use a dog-friendly sun block for your pets. Certain chemicals (like zinc oxide) found in many human sunscreens are toxic to our pets.
  • Watch those summer haircuts: many PetParents clip their dogs’ coats in the summer to help their pets stay cool. We agree this is a great idea, but want to remind you to request it not be clipped too short- exposing their skin to sunburn.
  • If your dog does get sunburn: aloe vera or witch hazel can help soothe your pups sore skin.
  • Check the sidewalks before a walk: The summer sun has a tendency to bake the sidewalks until they’re boiling hot- test the sidewalk with your hands before a walk- if it’s too hot for you to touch- it’s too hot for your pups paw pads!
  • Never leave your pet in the car: Even with the windows cracked, or when the car is parked in the shade, temperatures inside the car skyrocket as soon as the air flow stops. Do your pets a favor and leave them at home in the A/C while you run errands.

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