Winter Activities With Your Pet

It is officially winter and you are wondering what to do with your dog considering that your backyard now looks like a frozen tundra. There are plenty of fun activities to do with your pet in the winter that will not drive you both stir crazy!

1. Snow Shoe Hike

If the snow is not too deep, take your pup on a snowshoe trail with you! Make sure to put a jacket on your dog first so he doesn’t get too cold playing in the snow!

2. Skiing

If you own a larger dog (over 30lbs ish) than take them skiing with you! You can buy a special harness for you dog so he can pull you as you cross country ski. This is not only a fun activity but a great workout for you and your pup as well.

3. Treasure Hunt With Treats

Want to have some fun in your backyard? Bury some treats in snow and what your pup have fun searching for buried treasure!

4. Running Is Not So Bad

Listen we know if may be pretty chilly out there. But once you get your blood pumping while listening to your awesome Beyonce playlist, we know that you will forget it’s like negative 100 out.

5. Sledding

We expect this to go a little smoother than the gif. above, but sledding can be fun with your pup! Usually this works best with the smaller guys, but make sure you have room on your sled with him.