Top Tips For Traveling With Your Pet

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel times of the year, and we know you don’t want to leave your four legged friend behind. So here are our top tips for traveling with your pet!

Before Travel

1.  Bring A Blanket

It is recommended by pet expert Cesar Millan that you bring a toy or blanket from home to travel with your dog. The familiar item will help to relax your pup during a potential stressful time.

2. Befriend the Crate

Make sure that whichever crate you chose to use for travel (unless you are in a car using a seat belt and harness) that your pet has enough room to turn around and stand up. If you want to be comfy traveling, so does your pet. Also make sure to not treat the crate like it is punishment for your pet. Leave it out a few days before so your pet can familiarize themselves with it.

3. Do Your Research

Before you travel anywhere with your pet, make sure to do your research. Make sure you check to see if where you are staying is dog friendly, find the closest emergency clinics (just in case), and make sure that if you are flying to check out the airlines rules for pet travel.

Air travel Tips


Every airline has different rules about the cost of pet travel, size of dogs allowed, and other rules you may not be aware of. For example Southwest Airlines requires that you make a reservation for your pet ahead of travel time so they can better accommodate your trip. Make sure you do your research, before you’re in the airline doghouse.

2. Do Not Sedate

High altitude and sedation drugs are never a good idea, and can be very dangerous. DO. NOT. DO. IT.

3. Vet It Up! 

Bring Fido recommends that you make an appointment with your vet before air travel. During the appointment you should make sure your vaccines are up to date and obtain a health certificate 10 days before travel date that you (MUST) bring to the airport with you.

Car Travel

1. Seat belts Save Lives

You should never let your pet roam around in the car. If you stop quickly or get into an accident, they could be severely injured. If you decide against a crate for car travel, pick up a pet seatbelt (yes they are real). They attach to your pets harness and connect them to the seat belt.

2. Everyone Likes Road trip Snacks

For long distance travel you should not overfeed your dog before you hop in the car, but high protein snacks are recommended as well as lots of water. Wondering what snacks to pick up? Check out our Pinterest for great DIY recipes for your pet!

3. Breaks Are Encouraged

If you are going on an extra long road trip make sure to take breaks so your and your pup can stretch your legs (and take a potty break). Try looking up some cool dog parks to stop at on the way so your pup can maybe even get a little play time in.

Traveling can be tough with a pet, so make sure you take the right steps to make your four legged friend as comfortable as possible!

Thanks to Pet Experts Cesar Millan, Bring Fido, and Pinterest for your awesome tips! You guys are pawtastic!


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