Top 10 Winter Care Tips For Your Dog

1.  Water, Water, Water!

Have you ever noticed that your pup is EXTRA excited about the cold weather when that first cold front moves in? They are going to be burning extra energy with this new weather change, which means they are going to need extra food and water. Prevent them from dehydrating this season, and make sure to provide your pup with plenty of water.

2. No One Likes Dry Skin!

Have you ever noticed how your skin dries out in the winter? Well so does your pets. Remember to bathe your pet as little as possible. Bathing removes essential oils that these guys need to keep their skin nice and moist!

2. Protect Those Paws!

Your dogs paws are very sensitive to chemicals used in de-icing. Rubbing petroleum jelly on your dogs paws can help protect them from salt and de-icing chemicals. No jelly? No worries! Go get your dogs some booties! The two of your can be stylish as you play in the snow!

3. Dry Off!

The snow is going to leave your dog WET! Make sure to dry them off properly so it does not dry out their skin!

4. You Can Never Go Wrong With Too Many Blankets

We don’t want your pups to burn themselves from sitting by the heater too long. They were just trying to stay warm mom! Make sure to supply your best friend with extra blankets so they will stay extra warm.

5. Everyone Loves a Dog In a Sweater

Need extra warmth for your dog’s outside play? Add a sweater or dog coat to his wardrobe so he can stay warm in the winter weather!

6. Never Leave Your Dog Unattended in a Car

NEVER leave your pup unattended in the car. With freezing temperatures outside, your pup could turn into an icicle in your steel trap of winter (the car).

7. If it is too cold for you, it is too cold for your dog.

So you don’t want to go outside during the blizzard of the century? Neither does your pup. Instead of outside play we think he would be totally fine curling up with to to the classic ‘All Dogs Go To Heaven’.

8. Watch You Seniors

Some of your senior pets will start to feel that arthritis pain during the cold weather, which causes their joints to still up. Keep a close eye on these guys, and prevent them from walking on any ice that they could slip on. Also make sure you and your vet are taking enough precaution to keep your sweet old pup safe!

9.  Ice, Ice, Baby! 

Watch out for ice when Fido is playing. He could slip and hurt himself while trying to play fetch with you. Make sure that when you do play outside with your pup,  that it is in a safe ice-free area.


As long as you are taking the right precaution for your pup, there is no reason the two of you cannot enjoy the snow together!

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