The Smartest Dogs

Are you looking for a dog who’s intellect can match your own? A dog who is clever, smart, and in-tune with your every move? Check out our list of the smartest dogs, these are all dogs who would love to challenge you to a game of wits!

1. Australian Cattle Dog 

This working dog has a sharp mind that will rival many other breeds. Originally bred to hear cattle, this dog has keen senses and is always on its toes. These dogs are perfect for PetParents who are active and can keep this dog busy. Cattle dogs are meant to work, and will bore easily if not kept entertained.

2. Labrador Retriever 

 Labradors are some pretty bright dogs that also make amazing family pets. These dogs were originally bred to be hunting dogs, which they are perfect for. However they also make wonderful seeing eye dogs, and have been known to work on bomb squads because of their amazing sense of smell. These dogs are incredibly smart and withe the right training, can be trained to do almost anything.

3. Doberman 

Dobermans are some of THE smartest dogs around. These loyal dogs make amazing guard dogs. Known for their incredible speed and strength, these dogs do well guarding larger amounts of land. They are also quite affectionate, and love being by their PetParents side. They have also been known to make amazing police and military dogs, since they are more than willing to be trained and work hard.

4. German Shepherd 

German Shepherds have been known to serve as guard, military, and police dogs. These dogs have a keen sense of smell as well, and can be trained to sniff out bomb or narcotics. They also make incredible family pets, as they are very loyal to their PetParents. They love to work, and can be trained to do just about anything with the proper technique.

5. English Springer Spaniel 

Springer Spaniels are incredibly bright dogs. These dogs make excellent bird dogs and love to work for their PetParents. They have an incredible sense of smell and a great prey instinct. If you are looking for a good bird dog that will also make a good family pet, then look to this pup.

6. Bloodhound 

Bloodhounds are adorable smart droopy faced pups. They were originally bred to be hunting dogs, and have an amazing sense of smell. They train well, but will also love cuddling up with you! Bloodhounds have been the preferred scent hound for police work for hundreds of years now, and their instincts with people run deep and strong.


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