Quietest Dog Breeds

Not all PetParents appreciate a pup who talks back. Maybe you live in an apartment where a barking dog will make you more enemies than friends, or perhaps you just don’t like barking. It happens. Either way, there are plenty of dog breeds out there known for their quiet nature. Here are a few of the quietest dog breeds:

1. Great Dane

The tallest of breeds is also the most silent. When you’re large and in charge like a Great Dane, there just isn’t much need to raise the volume about things. Danes rarely bark which is one of the reasons they make such excellent apartment companions. Danes have a deep loud bark that will make an owner appreciative that they don’t voice their opinion often, and any potential intruders will have been advised to run the other way.

2. Newfoundland 

It’s often disputed if the Great Dane or the Newfoundland is the quietest dog. Neither of them are heard to bark often by owners, as both breeds express themselves in different ways.  Newfs are more interested in spending time with children, whom they adore, and making an attempt at being the worlds biggest lap dog.

3. Basenji

The basenjii is a ‘barkless’ breed. When they do have an opinion to voice, you’ll hear them sounding off in a yodle of sorts- a unique noise indeed. Called a baroo, their ‘voice’ is both fun and unique.

4. Italian Greyhound

Noted as being one of the harder breeds to house-break, this is one small sized dog that won’t be found yipping all day long. Italian Greyhounds are typically quiet, and content to snuggle under a blanket or soak up the sunshine rather than telling the world about their day.

5. BullMastiff

Although he’s not always the greatest companion to have in a mixed-household with other pets, the bullmastiff isn’t a vocal breed. His high prey drive makes early socialization essential so he can happily live with other pets, but his adoration for humans is off the charts.

6. Saint Bernard

Many of the giant breed dogs just don’t seem to have a lot to bark about. The Saint Bernard is a gentle giant who falls directly into this category. Perhaps the fact that he can speak volumes with those saggy soulful eyes has limited his need to bark all about it.

7. Chinese Shar Pei 

Shar Pei’s are known to bark some during play, and if they are ‘guarding’ the home, but they are otherwise an extremely quiet breed. Intelligent and loving, the Shar Pei is happy to silently observe family life.

8. Cane Corso

These dogs were bred to help patrol, and their silent nature was part of their charm. Cane Corso’s can stealthily patrol, and then silently chase down and pin an intruder-all without making a peep.

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