Preventative Care Tips for Your Pet

1. Vet it Up 

We know that visiting the vet may not be your pet’s favorite thing to do, but having a check up at least once a year is essential to keeping them healthy. It is amazing what a routine vet visit can detect early in your pet. Remember the earlier you catch something, the better chance you have to treat it.

2. Eat Well and Exercise 

Make sure your pet is eating nutritious food and getting enough exercise. Make sure to take into account their health needs depending on breed, age, gender, and activity level as well.

3. Get Your Hair Did 

Proper grooming is essential to your pets health. Keeping your pets coat matt free (if they have long hair) and brushing them can help you detect skin problems early. Make sure to also keep their nails trimmed, which will help them walk normally. Also make sure to clean their ears and brush their teeth regularly to ensure there are no early signs of infection.

4. Vaccinate Accordingly 

Make sure you stay up to day on all of your pet’s vaccines. Vaccines are the best way to prevent harmful diseases like rabies, lyme disease, and the the canine flu.

5. Dental Hygiene 

We know we mentioned dental hygiene before, but it really is important for your dogs health. Make sure you are regularly brushing your dogs teeth at least twice a week. Plaque and tartar build up over time can lead to loose teeth or cause your dogs teeth to fall out. Infections also start in the mouth, so make sure you are always aware of that.

6. Parasite Control 

Make sure you are taking the proper precautions to protect your dog from parasites like fleas, ticks, and heart worms. Check with your vet to see what preventative treatment is right for your dog.

Original blog by Nature Pet Foods