Preparing the House for a New Pet

Preparing your home for bringing in a new pet is an essential step in making the adoption process a seamless transition for all involved. No matter if you’re bringing a new cat or dog home, puppy or kitten, some prep work will need to be done. Admittedly, there is slightly less prep work needed if you’re bringing an adult animal into your home, and cats also require slightly less preparation than dogs.

Our pets explore their environment with their mouths, especially while they are young. Knowing this, it is your duty as the Pet Parent to ensure that anything and everything that isn’t supposed to be licked or chewed on is up out of reach. It’s also up to you as a pet parent to provide your new pet with plenty of acceptable things to chew on. Toys with a variety of textures, sounds, and materials are best to keep your pet mentally engaged and active.

Ensure these items are far out of your new pets reach:

  • cleaning products
  • lawn care tools & products
  • poisonous plant life
  • toys with small bits that could be swallowed
  • foods that are toxic to pets
  • cords from electronics

Enforce the house rules from the first day, or you’ll be sending mixed messages. For example, if you want your dog to sit before going outdoors each time, it’s important you start asking that of them from the start. You should also take some time to allow your pets to investigate the home, and show them where their beds and food/water bowl are as well. By following these tips outlined above you’ll be on your way to setting your new pets up for success in your home.


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