New Years Resolutions for PetParents

Regardless if you’re a ‘resolutions’ person or not, the fact remains that the start of each year is a chance at a fresh new start, a great time to implement some new habits. A New Year is equatable to a blank slate; full of opportunity, just waiting for us to seize it. As PetParents, this is also the perfect time to implement a few pet-parenting related goals that will make 2015 the best year with your pets possible. Here are some fun and realistic New Years Resolutions for PetParents looking to start the year off on the right paw!

1. Exercise your Pets Regularly:

This one is truly a win-win. A healthy choice for both you and your pets. If you’re a Pet Parent to dogs, this is pretty easy too! Get out and walk with them daily, visit the dog park, go for a hike, take an urban adventure (oh the smells!), drive somewhere new and explore together. Utilize technology to motivate you- a fitness tracker like a fitbit is a great way to stay motivated, or download free apps like ResQ Walk or WoofTrax and let your walks add up to donations for your favorite animal rescue organization! If you’ve got cats, it’s time to get creative. Try feeding toys, hiding food around the home, laser pointers, and feather pulls as fun ways to get your cat up and moving, engaged with their surroundings.

2. Try a New Activity this Year: 

It’s easy to get stuck in the same routines, with our habits dictating our daily lives. Break out of the mold this year and try something new and bold with your pup! If you’ve never gone hiking before, give that a go! Always wondered if your dog would enjoy a dip in the local lake? This is the year to find out! The point is, you won’t know until you try, and your pup could have  a passion or skill that you never knew about. Discovering new things together is an incredible way to bond with your pet and strengthen your relationship and enjoyment this year. Check out the PetParent City Guides for outdoor adventures, pet friendly pit stops and more!

3. Step up Your At-Home Grooming Game:

Grooming your pet at home will not only save you time & money, but will strengthen your bond with your pet. Dive into the PetParent tips on clipping your pets nails, cleaning your pets ears, and bathing senior dogs at home for additional information to get you started!

Insider Tip: We love doing longer grooming sessions with our pups at night while we’re watching a tv show or movie! 

 4. Teach Your Pet a New Trick:

The sentiment that an ‘old dog can’t learn new tricks’ just isn’t true- dogs are lifelong learners! As puppies, they are constantly watching us, taking things in, observing and learning. They model behavior after their mommas, and try out all sorts of new moves, techniques and more on their siblings. It’s our responsibility to provide our pets learning opportunities as the age. Take your dog on new adventures, try new types of toys, treats and more. Think outside the box, and go for the unusual- you never know what your dog may end up having a passion for! If you’ve never tried clicker training, pick one up at the pet store and give it a go- your dog is sure to be an enthusiastic partner because they’ll soon learn the clicker means they get a treat! You’ll be amazed at what the two of you can accomplish when you put a little time and effort into it!

5. Provide Yourself Some Peace of Mind 

Make this the year that you do an overhaul of your pets paperwork! It will provide you with a peace of mind to know where all their essentials are located, and provides you with an opportunity to fill in the gaps if anything is discovered to be lacking.

  • Ensure you have up to date shot records available
  • Are your pets ID tags still valid? If not, take the opportunity to have new ones made OR purchase a smart tag that can be updated easily online
  • Is your pet microchipped yet? Have you registered the microchip with the company AND an external service like Fetch ID
  • Read the Finding Fido book so you’re mentally prepared to avoid your pet ever getting lost and/or recover them if they are lost.


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