Preventative Labrador Care

Do you own a lab or are you thinking of bringing one into your family? Check out these preventative care tips that can help you keep your Labrador healthy and happy!

1. Keep Them Fit 

Many of the Labrador’s problems can stem from obesity problems. Diabetes has become increasingly common in labs, so keeping your pet fit is of the utmost importance. Make sure they are getting at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Try getting a Whistle Activity Monitor. This little device can give you an inside look into your pet’s health, helping you keep them healthy and happy.

2. Keep Those Joints Healthy! 

Labs are known to develop arthritis in their later years. Help promote good bone and joint health in your dog and mix in a little more dairy and fish oil in their diet. Make them a greek yogurt KONG, which also has TONS of good bacteria for your dogs belly! Fish Oil also has been known to promote good joint health and relieve joint pain. Add some to their food or to that KONG treat! your pups will love the fishy taste, and the oil will be great for their joints!

3. Ear Infections 

With those cute flappy ears comes an area that traps moist air which is a haven for disease and infection. Make sure you clean your pups ears at least once a month to prevent infection or prevent any harmful bacteria from living in your dogs ears. Looking for a good ear cleaner, check out our pick here!

4. Hip Dysplasia 

This is a genetic disease that can be quite common in labs, especially as they get older. Make sure your vet is checking your labs hips during year annual exam to ensure that they are in good health. If you are thinking of getting a puppy, most reputable breeders now will provide you will a ‘hip score’ so you can determine the risk associated with the pup.

5. Wandering Nose 

Your lab like most bird dogs like to walk around smelling everything in their path. Your pup is more than likely to eat something they probably should not. Make sure you keep your floors tidy, so your pup doesn’t ingest something harmful.


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