Keep your Pet Warm this Winter

Just like us, our pets enjoy feeling cozy. As the temperatures drop, we all find ourselves seeking different ways to keep warm in the chilly morning and evening hours. There are so many fun and unique ways you can help keep your pet warm this Winter, here are just a few of our favorites!

1. Warm it up!

If you ever add any liquids, gravies, or wet food in with your dogs kibble the winter is the perfect time to give it a little warm up in the microwave or stove top before serving it up to your beloved pup. We guarantee they’ll lick the bowl clean and have a warm happy belly!

2. A cozy sleep spot.

Our pets spend a majority of their lives sleeping or napping, so a good bed to rest upon is clearly an essential.

3. A fireside sleep spot. 

Nothing says cozy like a dedicated place to lay in front of the fireplace (if you are so lucky!) We’ve always found these faux sheepskin throws to be the perfect thing for the dogs to lay on while they enjoy a nap in front of the flames.

4. A blanket to call their own.

Just like you, your pet loves snuggling inside, on top of, and underneath a good blanket. Instead of sharing the blanket (and all their shed fur), get your pet a PetParent blanket of their own! These are easy to roll up for travel- and stretch across the back seat to provide protection from mud and hair while in transit with your pets.

5. Pick up a pair of booties. 

Protecting your pups paws from the detriments of snow, salt and sand isn’t a task that can be taken lightly. A good pair of booties will help do the trick- the pair you select simply depends on the type of activities you plan to do with your dog. Pawz booties are thin and perfect for short walks and potty breaks, while other companies offer great booties for winter adventuring together.

6. Maintain a regular grooming routine. 

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a great idea to stop grooming your dog in the winter months so they ‘have all their fur’. This is actually a good way to cause mats and tangles, which don’t help insulate your pet, and can cause painful pulling and tugging. Keeping the coat well groomed maintains a good quality of air movement that

7.  A perfect pet jacket.

Winter jackets are the ideal way to keep your pet cozy around the house, on a walk, and while you run errands.

8. Indoor Potty Options.

Small breed dogs, seniors, and puppies will appreciate indoor potty options (if available) to avoid the cold weather. Solutions like Piddle Place can come in extremely handy for PetParents to these types of pets.

9. Take shorter walks. 

Keep the outdoor walks shorter in the winter weather. Instead, play more indoor games and feeding puzzles to mentally challenge your dog! Do you live with a pup who loves to fetch? Try a game of fetch up and down the hallway instead!

10. Knitted Delight. 

Your pup will delight in a custom canine sweater of their own just as much as you enjoy cozying up in a good sweater of your own! Perfect for those super chilly evenings, and perhaps for a quick potty break or short walk.


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