How To Keep The Holiday Pounds Off Your Pup

It never fails that everyone always puts on a few more pounds during the holiday, and sometimes this also applies to our pets. We know a table scrap here, a little snack there, but all of that extra snacking can leave you pup a little heftier than normal. So here are some tips from us one how to help your pooch keep off the holiday pounds.

1. And I would walk 500 miles!

Listen we know it may be a little bit cold outside, but even a walk around the block can do tremendous things for your dog. The CDC has noted that one third of Americans are overweight, however veterinarians have also noted that dog obesity is on the rise, as well. Any movement is good movement for you and your pup! So put on that Beyonce playlist and rock that runway..sidewalk..with your best friend!

2. Dog Parks

Check out your local dog park! Your dog will love running around with other pups while he gets some exercise too!

3. No Table Scraps

We know it can be hard to not feel extra generous as you are, yet again, stuffing your face during the holidays. However, it is best if you refrain from feeding your dog table scraps. Many people foods like turkey (fat trimmings or bones) can be very dangerous to dogs. If you are going to give your dog a treat, try some of these DIY healthy recipes for dog treats!

4. Party Fouls

At holiday parties it can be very easy for your pup to pick up scraps off the floor. So in order to keep you dog-vacuum away from extra food, consider keeping them in one room during the duration of the party.

5. Take a Hike

Have some cool trails nearby? Take your dog with you! Make sure you bring your own water with you as some streams and ponds can carry parasites and bacteria that are very harmful to dogs. Check out this cool to-go water bowl at REI instead!

6. Make Some Healthy Treats

Just because you are enjoying holiday treats, it does not mean you have to leave out your pup. Make sure to treat him with some yummy, but healthy, dog snacks! Check out these healthy DIY dog treats from Martha Stewart!

7. Portion Control

It can be easy during the rush of the holidays to overfeed your pet. However maintaining consistent portions is key to your dog’s health. Keep an extra measuring cup in your dog’s food, so every time you feed them, you are feeding them the correct amount. Talk to your vet about how much is best for your dog and its size.

Over the holidays it is easy to for everyone, including our pets, to gain a little weight. However, maintaining a healthy body weight is key to keeping your dog healthy, happy, and around for a long time.