The Great Ear Mite War

Has your dog been scratching at their ears constantly? Have they been shaking their head non-stop? Do they smell bad (aside from the regular dog odor)? If you answered yes to these questions, your dog may have ear mites.

What is an Ear Mite? 

  • There are several types of ear mites but the most common type is the otodectes cynotis, a little parasite that feeds off your dogs ear wax
  • They are contagious
  • They can spread to outside of your dogs ear (to their skin) if they are not caught early
  • They are most found in animals who spend time outdoors
  • If left untreated they can become brown and coffee textured in your dogs ear (see picture above)

What Should I Do? 

  • First and foremost you need to act quickly so these pesky little bugs do not continue to spread
  • You can take your dog to your vet, they will most likely prescribe you an ear-treatment that you will have to consistently apply to your dogs ear.


At Home Remedies 

With all home remedies, make sure you apply multiple times a day. You may have to keep up this routine for a few weeks, but they should get rid of those awful ear mites.

  • White Vinegar– You should not use white vinegar if your dog has open wounds, but it will kill the parasites. You should try adding some water to the vinegar first, then use a cotton ball or q-tip to clean your dogs ear.
  • Corn Oil– Corn oil is a great weapon against mites. The oil has healing properties for the dogs skin, but it also will kill the mites. You will need to apply the several times a day for around 10 days in order to start seeing some results.
  • Shampoo– Sometimes the ear mites will travel outside of the ear and onto your dog’s skin. So make sure you are shampooing your dog to help control the spread of ear mites.
  • Boracic Acid– This is a very common treatment for ear mites, and is used in most dog ear infections as a treatment.


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