Finding Your Perfect Match

1. Size Does Matter 

Size DOES matter when you’re looking for a dog. Size also coincides with activity level. Do you live in an apartment or in a home with lots of space and land? Also, BE REALISTIC! You are not going to magically become a marathon runner just because you got a dog. Make sure you keep a realistic mindset when choosing a dog, as you don’t want this to be the cause of your breakup.

2. Hygiene 

Some breeds shed more than others, some will leave lovely little slime trails all over your home. Do your research into the breeds you are interested in. Are you willing to care for a dog that is more maintenance? Look into the breeds you are interested in, and check out what their care will entail before you walk down the aisle with them.

3. Future 

Are children within your foreseeable future? Does your boyfriend or girlfriend, who could be your future spouse, have a breed preference? Will someone who is elderly, like your grandparents, be moving in with you in the near future? Take all of this into consideration, as you will want to find a breed that will be able to adapt best to your future situation.

4. Patience is a Virtue

Puppies are ADORABLE, however they are a LOT of work. Do you have the time and most of all patience to handle a puppy? Raising a puppy is like raising a child, so be realistic and ask yourself if you are ready for that commitment.

5. Risk vs. Playing it Safe

Any relationship has an amount of risk. You may do well reducing your risk by working with a breed rescue organization who can pair you with a dog that can fit your needs. If you have a cat, small children, live in an apartment, or have other living situations we recommend working with a breed rescue organization. They work with dog behaviorists that can help pair you will the right dog for your lifestyle.

Finding a dog can be just as hard as finding your future loved one. Finding your best four legged friend is not something to be taken lightly, and should be done with careful consideration. Make sure you have realistic expectations of yourself and your caring capacity before you commit to a pup. Remember dogs are around longer than most marriages these days, which means you need to truly be tactful when finding your perfect match.

Contributor: Elizabeth Deitz

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