Dogs Breeds With The Longest Lifespan

The joys of pet ownership are plenty, and truly one of the only downsides of loving an animal is the fact that their lives are so much shorter than ours. As Pet Parents, we cherish the time we’re given with our beloved companions. Luckily, humans have been living with and breeding dogs for centuries now, and so we’ve at least got a good estimate on an average life span expectancy for any given breed. That being said, even averages are only a guess, as there are always outliers in both directions.  As a general rule, the larger breeds of dogs have a shorter lifespan than their small breed counterparts. Almost 40% of small breed dogs live 10+ years. If you’re looking for a dog with a longer lifespan then be sure to look into these breeds:

1. Dachshund 

The dachshund comes in two sizes- standard and miniature. Both have wonderfully long lifespans averaging 14  years for the standard doxie, and 15 for the miniatures. A Dachshund owners’ biggest worry should be his back, so training a doxie to use ramps and not jump on/off of furniture is the best way for a doxie parent to ensure a long life with their dogs.

2. Chihuahua

The chihuahua is one of the smallest breeds, and also unsurprisingly, one of the breeds with the longest lifespan- an average of 14 years. Chihuahua’s are not genetically pre-disposed with many health problems that affect their life span, which gives them an advantage over breeds where cancer and other life-threatening diseases are more commonly seen.

3. Beagle

Coming in right under that 25 lb mark is the Beagle– a compact little hunter if we’ve ever seen one! In fact, one of the longest lived dogs on record was a beagle from Virginia who was recorded to have died at at 27! The average lifespan of a beagle is 14 years of age.

4. Pomeranian

A truly happy breed, the Pomeranian has a lot to smile about! Prone to hip and knee problems mostly, these can be managed with therapy or corrected with surgery. They’re known to have strong hearts and an athletic lifestyle both are key qualities that work to their long lived advantage. The average life expectancy of a pom is about 15 years.

5. Maltese 

Described as lively and playful, the Maltese is a breed known for it’s white coat, and long lifespan. An average of 15 years!

6. Poodle

The poodle is perhaps a bigger breed than you thought you’d see on this list. With an average lifespan of 12 years for a standard poodle and 15 years for a miniature poodle it’s a breed with great longevity. Smart & physically active- the poodle is generally a fit dog that enjoys a wide range of activities including fetch, swimming, hiking, and much more.

7. Boston Terrier 

While Boston Terriers are prone to a few eye related issues and the occasional breathing problem, they’re mainly free of any genetic diseases that are life threatening. A happy go lucky pup, they do best in the company of their people- weather that means a lazy day on the couch, or out and about on a walk. Thirteen years of happy life loving is what is expected from most Bostons. 

Typically pets that are less than 25 pounds when full grown are those ones that will have the longer life span. While all the reasons are not known, it is thought that there is less stress on the body and organs of smaller dogs than their large breed counterparts, and that this gives them a distinct advantage.  Many small breeds also do not have many genetic issues that are life threatening which also helps them live long, happy lives.

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