Dog Breeds for Cat Lovers

It seems when it comes to our furry household companions, that PetParents have a strong division between defining themselves as a ‘cat person’ or a ‘dog person’. Still, even the most passionate cat lovers may find themselves wishing to add a canine to their lives for a variety of reasons: perhaps you’ve married a dog lover, have kids who are begging for a pup of their own, or simply have found room in your home and heart to share some extra love. Whatever your reasons, there are plenty of dog breeds for cat lovers.

By doing a bit of research into the specifics of dog breeds you’ll be able to determine which might be the best match for you. Some breeds of dogs are extremely dog-like, while others have a more refined presence, more like that of a cat. If you’re a cat lover looking to add a dog into your life- there are plenty of breeds that will slip seamlessly into your lifestyle. Start by identifying what it is that you like about cats (or your particular cat) and seek dog breeds that share some of these same qualities.

Some breeds that are known for more ‘cat like’ behaviors are:

1. Toy Poodle

Former circus dogs, the toy poodle is a breed who is small, agile, and full of energy. They’re antics are sure to make you smile and keep your entire family entertained. Noted for being good for other pets, this is a breed who can fit in with a house full of cats just fine.

2. Pomeranian

Known for their ability to self exercise and entertain themselves- the Pomeranian has an independent nature. Confident, and aware of how cute they are- the Pomeranian is sure to put a smile on even the most first cat lovers face. Their compact size makes them an ideal size for cat lovers and they’re highly portable- ready to go on the next adventure with you.

3. Basenji

This breed originated in Africa, and just like cats- does not have any odor. They are agile, quick, and quiet (for a dog) known to ‘yodel’ instead of bark. An independent breed, the Basenji is definitely channeling his inner feline!

4. Pekingese

If you’re a cat lover who appreciates the regal nature of most felines- the Pekingese could be a great match for you! The pekingese is a breed who know’s how adorable he is, and expects you to recognize this fact too. Their bug eyed look can make them more prone to scratches from the family cat, but their gentle nature should allow them to slip seamlessly into your home routine.

5. Italian Greyhounds

This is another breed who is intended to be ‘odorless’. Italian Greyhounds are light, thin, and agile. They love to sunbathe, and spend their time perched high up. Like cats, IG’s have a mind of their own- and don’t prefer to listen to the ‘rules’ of the home. This is one breed who’s been successfully ‘litter box’ trained as well- a huge bonus for cat loving PetParents!

6. Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin was bred exclusively as a companion to royalty and they expected to be treated as such! Sound like about every cat you know? The Japanese Chin is known for several cat like behaviors, including cleaning their faces with a paw, and having a preference for viewing their world perched up high.

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