Dog Paw Care

You may not realize this, but your dog’s paws are a sensitive part of their body. Proper care can ensure that they are able to continue their adventures with you on all four paws!

1. Pawdicure 

Your dogs nails need to be trimmed to allow them to walk normally. They hair between their toes should also be clipped away. If you can start to here those nails clicking on your floors, it is probably time for a pedicure. Contact your vet about getting them trimmed, or have your regular groomer trim them down.

3. Summertime Woes 

Do you think you could walk on scorching hot pavement during the summer barefoot? No? Ya, your dog isn’t too thrilled about it either. Try to avoid walking your dog on pavemented surfaces during the summer months. If you must (because let’s be real we cannot carry some dogs across a parking lot) try covering your dogs feet up. You may want to dig those winter doggie boots out for your dog to wear until you can get them to a nice grassy surface. If you don’t have any doggie boots, check out our favorites here!

3. Moisturizer is Key 

Your dogs paws can (like our skin) become cracked and dry. Proper moisture is key to their health as well as doing it regularly. Looking for a good moisturizer for your pup? Check out one of our favorite brands here!

4. In Between The Cracks 

Make sure after a long run or playtime to check between your dogs toes for any debris or objects lodged there. Besides the fact that it could probably be hurting your dog, it may cause a cut that could thus cause an infection.

5. Always Tend to Wounds 

If your dog has any sores or cuts you will need to tend to them immediately. Make sure to then keep your dog off their feet until they heal to prevent any infection. If you have a serious cut or sore, you will need to contact your vet immediately.


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