Dog Allergies

The flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, trees are turning green, and our allergies are killing us softly. But our pets, are also suffering. Our poor dogs has running noses, water eyes, and snoring like freigh trains at night. Allergies can affect dogs, just as much as they can affect people. So check out our tips below to help remedy some of your pet’s allergies!

1. Clean It Up!

Make sure to take extra care in cleaning your home. Ridding your apartment of dust, danders, and extra hair on a regular basis will help keep that sniffly nose pet of yours under control. Vacuuming and sweeping as well on a regular basis can help to make sure that you are constantly cleaning up that dirt and dust that is driving your pets allergies crazy.

2. Grooming 

Make sure if you dog has long hair, that you are bathing your dog on a regular basis. Your dog’s hair will pick up dirt, pollens, seeds, and things that drive his allergies crazy on a regular basis. Pollen and seeds will usually attach to themselves to your pets while your pup is playing in outside, so make sure you are bathing him regularly to clean those things off of him.

3. Local Honey 

Giving your dog a tablespoon a week of local honey, grown in your area, can help reduce their allergy woes. You can usually find this at your local farmers market or health food store. Your dog’s immune system will benefit greatly for honey, which is made from plant pollen in your area, by building up a stronger tolerance to such things.

4. Change Your Air Filter! 

Your air filter is constantly filtering out your air for you, which can be quite dirty. Make sure you are regularly changing these filters, which can be quite dirty if you don’t change them regularly. This will help keep your air clean and your pup’s nose less-runny!

5. Wipe Those Paws 

Your dog’s paws pick up all kinds of things on their paws. During the springtime, they will be more likely to pick up things like pollen on their paws. Make sure that you wipe you pets off after playing outside before they come in the house. This will prevent them from tracking pollen inside, and spreading it to other parts of their skin.

6. Freeze It Up 

When you dog is not looking, freeze some of their smaller plush toys. The cold will actually kill dust mites, that could be lurking on the toys. A few hours in the freezer should be enough to get those pesky little mites off your pets toys!

7. Monitor The Pollen Count 

Make sure you check your local weather, especially during the springtime, for the pollen counts. If the count is very high that day, you can be prepared to cater to a sneezing dog. You can also take extra precautions that day to make sure you don’t track extra pollen into your home.


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