Dog Allergies: Tips and Tricks

It is that time of the year when flower are blooming, birds are singing, and our allergies are killing us. Just like people, dogs can suffer from allergies as well. So lets combat those pesky seasonal allergies with some easy DIY tools!

1. Dust! 

Dust makes peoples allergies go crazy, but it can also irritate your dog’s allergies as well. Make sure to dust regularly, especially in places that are more dog accessible! Also make sure to change your air filters regularly. Air filters can collect not only dust but all kinds of other nasty. So help your dogs runny eyes out and keep your home dust free!

2. Pollen, Grass, Weeds, Other Things That Make Us Sneeze 

Your dogs fur is going to pick up all kinds of things when they are out playing with you! This makes your dog’s fur a walking container for allergies, and it can cause their allergies, and your, to flare up. Some grass, weeds, and pollen can irritate your dog’s skin. Make sure you give your dog baths on a regular basis to get all of that allergy causing gunk off of them!

3. Flea Prevention 

Fleas can carry all kinds of nasty that can cause your dog’s allergies to flare up! Make sure to ask your vet for a good flea preventative so you can keep those nasty little guys off your dog.

4. Get Some Honey 

Give your dog a a tablespoon of local honey from your area once a week at the least. Raw local honey is from hives in your area, and the bees in those hives have harvested the pollen in your area to make the honey. This will help your dog’s immune system build a tolerance to the pollens. (This is also good for people too!)

5. Vet it Up! 

If your dog is having severe allergies such as constant vomiting, diarrhea, paw chewing/swollen paws, runny eyes, runny nose, raw skin (from constant scratching), then you should see your vet. Your dog could have an allergy to their food, which your vet will have to determine.

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